Prof Delacroix - Build Her Remixes

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  • For a brief moment in 2008, back when Deepblak was still digital-only and "deepness" was still many stories up from where today's househeads tend to put it, Aybee was Prof. Delacroix, and "Build Her" showed the producer really coming into his own. With Aybee's label Deepblak in the heart of its ten-year anniversary celebration, "Build Her" is finally pressed to wax (in ever-so-slightly altered "Original Vinyl Mix" form), and the track sounds like it could have been produced yesterday: warm synth swells, loping rhythms, unadulterated (if maybe a touch altered, if you know what I mean) warmth and positivity. Those who missed "Build Her" the first time around probably aren't lacking in tunes like this, either from Armon Bazile himself or others who orbit a similarly distant planet, but it still sounds just lovely. Fred P, a producer who's also made huge strides over the last few years, is first up on remix duty, and he gives us just the sort of journey we've come to expect from him these days: rather than just open a new door into "Build Her," he lures us through one and swallows the key. Luckily, it's a lovely place to get lost in. Deepblak mainstay Afrika Sciences expands upon and intensifies the prickly rhythms of the original and weirds up its melody to show-stealing effect. Aybee himself offers up a new "Retrofit" mix, one whose extra spaciness actually evokes looking back on "Build Her" through the lens of time. It's just fine, but it's not likely to fill you with wonder on the scale that either the original or the two commissioned remixes do.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Build Her (original vinyl mix) A2 Build Her (Fred P reshape) B1 Build Her (Afrikan Sciences remix) B2 Build Her (Aybee Retrofit)