Outboxx - Aporia

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  • Matt Lambert and Jake Martin's Outboxx project, a fresh face on the UK's wily house scene, isn't really in the business of blowing the floor out from under the genre, despite their productions finding their way onto bass-related labels like Well Rounded and Immerse. But as Bristol-based imprint Idle Hands has proved, really nailing the fundamentals can be an underrated endeavor. Taking a break from the late-night techno that's been pulsing from their camp recently, the label has compiled Outboxx's two best tracks to date for its latest 12-inch. Lambert, Martin, and Idle Hands may not blow any minds here, but they're likely to leave house fans deeply satisfied. "Aporia" succeeds by nailing the details: the cool mid-phrase shuffle shared by kick and clap, the lovely expressiveness of the bassline, the surprisingly economical (but never stingy) arrangement. The track has a Moodymann-ish saunter, but it's too warm to really sass; instead, its serene tempo invites you in for a bear hug, or at least a slow dance. "Cromwell" follows almost exactly the same formula as the A-side—dreamy synth flourishes, Rhodes-led melody, silky bass—but with a good deal more forward motion and maybe a pinch less of "Aporia"'s magic. Even if Outboxx aren't doing much to differentiate themselves stylistically from so much of the house music out there right now, the sheer quality of these productions should be enough to start turning heads.
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      A Aporia B Cromwell