Lee Jones - The Moose Mingles

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  • One must assume that digi-only bonus tracks are the ones deemed a little too lacking to be pressed into wax. Which is weird, because the alt mix of "Moment" is the one that sticks out most on this release from Lee Jones. Its tightly intermingled beats, kicks and soft percussion are that bit more purposeful than their more fluttering original counterparts. In turn, that focus allows the cutesy, shy female vocal up top more room to breath (as does the lack of the original's starry, twinkly melody) and the whole thing is that bit more subversive, seductive and loveable as a result. "Duvel" strikes a pose somewhere between the detailed make-up of micro house and the warm neon colours of underground pop champs Visionquest. It has a fuzzy synth line and plenty of charming melodic flashes which almost speak to you: "come with me" the thing seems to intimate "we'll have some mischief." Midland removes the ambiguousness in his re-rub, laying down hustling, tumultuous drums and crafting a hunched-over, hood-up groove in the process. When muted chords appear through the woody contours later on, they add some scale to the shuffle and are a moody yin to the barely contained, polished melodic euphoria of George FitzGerald's remix of "Moment." Another digi-only cut "Splange" feels somewhere in-between the two Jones versions of "Moment" and displays the same sandy, smudged and soft edged sound design as "Uhrsome" though this one is ripe with a late night menace. "Westworld" is the final bonus track and one which makes great use of a large spraying synth sound to join the dots between the blippy, drippy and globular rhythms mapped out all around it. Whether for peak time, bedtime or alone time, there's plenty to pick from.
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      A1 Moment A2 Moment (George Fitzgerald Remix) B1 Duvel B2 Duvel (Midland Remix) Digital: Westworld Digital: Splange Digital: Uhrsome Digital: Moment (Alt Version)