Melchior Produtions Ltd - Apariciones Reworked

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  • If everyone making the stuff had the ears and studio know-how of Thomas Melchior, Baby Ford and Ricardo Villalobos, minimal would probably not be marginalized by dance music's chattering classes to the extent it is these days. When these guys are on, they can make even the tiniest sounds hit hard and construct an entire world out of not all that much. Melchior's "Apariciones" release on Lick My Deck from last year may not have been the epitome of hip, but it sounded surprisingly fresh given the formula (10+ minute grooves, spoken word samples in Spanish, a total lack of Roland-derived drum sounds). The same (mostly) goes for the remix package, wherein the eternal Ford and still-surprising Villalobos lend their eccentricities to Melchior's capital-T tracks. The former's mix really doesn't add all that much to "Cinza De Fenix," but it's somehow a good deal more fun: those few extra squelches and a touch more melody lend it a street-party-on-acid vibe that's difficult to deny. Villalobos' "Todo EL" remix of "Todo Mundo" is a bit more difficult to get down to—the original's sexiness has been kicked pretty far down the field, and the paranoia Ricardo's substituted in may not be everyone's cup of tea—but it's certainly not phoned in. Regardless, unless you're Villalobos himself, you may find yourself wearing down the grooves on Ford's version quite a bit quicker.
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      A Cinza De Fenix (Baby Ford Remix) B Todo Mundo (Ricardo Villalobos Todo EL Remix)