Perc - Wicker & Steel Remixed EP 2

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  • The two-part remix series for Perc's Wicker & Steel concludes with contributions from Walls, TVO and Tengui. While the first EP's remixes are shorter and more club-oriented, this second set plays like a cohesive journey split into four lengthy, atmospheric pieces. Kompakt's Walls start things off with their slowly-building take on "Choice," extracting some words and vibes from Perc's original and re-contextualizing them within an inviting blend of big basslines and breezy melodic swirls. "You Saw Me," which previously received a dense, stepping makeover from Sigha and Truss, shows up again twice here, courtesy of Broken20 boss TVO. Pushing the tempo below 115 BPM and conjuring brooding chords and strange radio messages, both "Free Fife Remix" and "Cherry Ripe Remix" expand in markedly different ways: the former rides out a swaggering beat while the latter leaks bits of reverberated acid and 808 percussion. Tengui's interpretation of "Pre-Steel" winds down the EP by stripping the original version of its sulking machinery and leaving behind a toxic soundscape filled with low electrical hum. It's a stunning coda for a remixes package that, at 35 minutes in total length, can stand alone as its own album experience.
  • Tracklist
      01. Choice (Walls Remix) 02. You Saw Me (Free Fife mix by TVO) 03. You Saw Me (Cherry Ripe mix by TVO) 04. Pre-Steel (Tengui Remix)