Mind Fair - Kerry's Scene

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  • Uruguay's number one Balearic label—OK, it's only one—has had a fine year, with a couple of corking releases from DJ Harvey and Gatto Fritto. It's left to Mind Fair—Ben Shenton (who's associated with Prins Thomas' Internasjonal label) and Dean Meredith (the esteemed former Bizarre Inc and Chicken Lips man) —to close out the year with a bit of what they call "Armenian-influenced disco." What that means on the lead track is reeling psych-funk, complete with Moogs, snaking congas and tripped out guitars. Armenian then? Not very, but it still charms. Dutch producer Legowelt then twists "Kerry's Scene" into a Detroit-y take on IDM, with snappy drum programming, acid squiggles Funk D'Void-like booming bass keys. Theo Parrish's Sound Signature translation eschews beats almost completely, employing the subtlest hints of percussion and filtered synth snatches before building, very gently, to a subdued conclusion. "Mind Fair" is a slice of Laurel Canyon-style twisted folk rock, so you'll probably move swiftly to Fernando's reworking of "Kerry's Scene." The pick of the bunch, the Argentinean DJ's remix swirls analogue synths, bright percussion, Jibaro-style pianos and a stellar cosmic breakdown into seven minutes of incessant nu disco.
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      01. Kerry's Scene 02. Kerry's Scene (Legowelt Remix) 03. Kerry's Scene (Sound Signature Translation by Theo Parrish) 04. Mind Fair 05. Kerry's Scene (Fernando Remix)