Darkcell - Dusty

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  • It's intriguing that, even in the age of the Internet, certain regions gravitate towards specific sounds. Joining such compatriots as Lucy and Giorgio Gigli, Italy's Adriano Giliberti here offers up a 12-inch of punishing industrial-influenced techno. Fluxus is his own label, which began earlier this year. The first track, Giliberti's original of "Dusty," is melodically anchored by a sleazy keening on every second off-beat. In effect, this touch of personality prevents it from being just another dark pounder. Which in some respects, it probably is. Like many other tracks, it's swathed in oppressive noise, an intimidating low-end and shunting machinations doing most of the work. The BCR Boys' remix switches up the usual 4/4 thud for a broken-beat thump. Sinister murmurings also run right through this version, partnering with wavering synth work for an altogether eerie cut. Both tracks are good, but in typical fashion, Ali Wells (AKA Perc) lifts the bar higher with his effort. Again the menacing voice from the BCR Boys' remix features heavily, but the star player this time is a series of rolling drum hits. It's hard not to immediately compare them to the pattering snares of Plastikman's "Spastik." There's more going on here, however. Wells' drums are subtler, and the ominous backdrop more sophisticated. It's the work of a producer at the top of his game.
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      A Dusty B1 Dusty (Perc Remix) B2 Dusty (BCR Boys Remix)