Various Artists - Transparent / Anklad

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  • As I found when I visited last year, Buenos Aires has a thriving club culture. Judging by this first release, Krill Music looks set to slot in alongside Jonas Kopp's own Traut and represent the city's default sound: Dark, basement-ready techno. The A-side comes from Manchester-based duo AnD, who've been incredibly prolific this year. Titled "Transparent," it's a chilly dub-influenced piece. The first half is sparse, utilising just a kick and hat to keep time. With nothing to interrupt their passage, cold, roiling pads flow unhindered through this section. It's not until the halfway point that things really pick up pace; a dull, resonant donging and feathery cymbal moving in to add intensity. Jonas Kopp's track is just a little more complex, but maintains the icy mood. Of course, it's conveyed by a gargantuan kick. On this, he lays flickering cymbals, hats and a penetrating three-note mantra. The aforementioned mood again comes from pads, but Kopp's are far more pared down. Essentially, both sides of the record hold big room stompers. Which one you pick will simply depend on whether you're after something more atmospheric ("Transparent") or just Kopp's heavier punch.
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      A AnD - Transparent B Jonas Kopp - Anklad