• Dance! Dance! Dance! DJs: FuNkTiFeYeNo Piacentini DJ Ferrero Based in Glasgow FuNkTiFeYeNo + Piacentini have been DJ-ing for almost 20 years. They simply play what they consider good music, regardless of genre. 'A good record is a good record' - DJ Harvey FuNkTiFeYeNo: Over the years, including several years as resident DJ @ TRAXX,I've DJ'd alongside the likes of Andrew Weatherall, Tom Middleton, Phil Mison, Balearic Mike, Mark E and many, many others. Alongside DJ partner ANDREA PIACENTINI we run the DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! + FuNkTiFeYeNo events and have recently guested at various Festivals, Events + Club nights including ELECTRIC ELEPHANT (Croatia), MELTING POT (Glasgow), TO THE LAZER CAVE (London), various Boat Parties in London and throughout the UK. Piacentini: Half bowl of pasta, half funk 45 , Andy Piacentini has been a regular face around Glasgow dj booths over the last 15 years where he has quietly built up a reputation as one of the leading lights in the Glasgow underground disco scene…however Andy’s musical interests don’t stop at a retrospective love of all things ‘protohouse’ a fledgling aficionado of the nascent rave scene in 1988, Andy was too young to attend the raves in person..all he could do was listen religiously to local pirate radio as well as Jeff Young on Fridays… Successful residencies at the Dance! Dance! Dance!, Deaf Monkey and disco not disco parties, regular invites to play at Melting Pot as well as regularly sharing the bill Todd Terje, Greg Wilson, phil mison, balearic mike, the revenge, and Mark E have cemented his reputation as one of the best and most unique djs in Glasgow....