The Black Lodge



  • The Black Lodge is a monthly intimate gathering and ritual organized around exploring, sharing, and experimenting with diverse forms of elektronic musik and other esoterik arts. We are the resistance.

Promoter News

  • Tue, 12 Jun 2018

    Mick Wills lines up a six-stop US tour

    The adventurous German DJ's itinerary over the next few weekends includes gigs in Chicago and San Francisco with Nation boss Traxx, who mixed a recent RA podcast.
  • Wed, 31 May 2017

    The Black Lodge brings Bill Converse back to LA

    The LA promoter will host the virtuosic Texas DJ alongside Skander, co-founder of San Francisco's RS94109 record store.
  • Thu, 13 Apr 2017

    JTC to headline The Black Lodge in LA

    The Ann Arbor veteran will play live at a rare underground event from the Black Lodge crew. LA Club Resource affiliate Delivery is also on for a Live PA, with DJ sets coming from Dirty Jak and the Black Lodge residents.

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