• +synthesis (σύνθεσις) = act of combining ++synthesis = combined mix of ideas What we do: Bringing together artists from a wide spectrum of electronic music, blending old-school with cutting edge styles, fusing international with local talent. We collectively 'synthesise' our individual know-how, in order to organise dance music events with the highest standards, care and respect to the clubber. Snuffo-live, Simoncino, Makam, Moomin-live, Miltiades, Juan Atkins, Robert Hood, Vakula, Florian Kupfer, Tama Sumo, DVS1, Delano Smith, Steffi, XDB, Borrowed Identity, ITPDWIP-live, Kassem Mosse-live, Helena Hauff, Morah, Gerd Janson, Legowelt-live, Route 8 (live & DJ set), Palms Trax, Patrice Scott, Delta Funktionen, Objekt, Cassegrain-live, Surgeon-live, Dan Shake, Mall Grab,Function, Silent Servant, Ross From Friends-live, Peggy Gou, Paranoid London-live, Shanti Celeste, Skatebard, Francis Inferno Orchestra, Ancient Methods, Vril-live..