• music label and a Brazilian events producer, Mareh Music originated in a music festival named Mareh celebrating the new year´s eve 2003. Ever since it has been standing out due to its impeccable musical curatorship and special attention to the events execution, thusly acquiring important admirers all over the world. In the last years, along with the acclaimed festivals, Mareh has also released EP’s from reputed artists attracting the specialized critics. Within its releases it’s valid to point out the 10″ dedicated to tropical disco edits by the independent label Barefoot Beats. Their last project is the bimonthly Babel urban parties that take place in the rooftops of the most incredible locations of the city of São Paulo. Currently the team has been putting its efforts in their newest challenge, the MARISCO Festival, that mission is provide connection between brazilian and international groove and reach the same success already attached to the label, applying all its tropical disco knowledge gained over the last 15 years to rock the Babylon!

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Past events

    • Thu, 26 Dec 2019

      Mareh NYE 2020

      Prins Thomas, Daniele Baldelli, Dicky Trisco, Eddie C, Lexx, Ray Mang, Paramida, Mendel, Vitor Kurc, Sputnik, Mehmet Aslan, JKriv, Sadar Bahar, Bernardo Pinheiro, Eyal Baroz, Rafael Cancian, Lipelis, Mafalda, Joutro Mundo, DJ Nuts, Tahira, Vermelho, Ruby Savage, Croma, Dea Barandana, Craig Ouar, Benjamin Ferreira, Cecyza, Fiervo, Lucio Caramori, Marcelo Dionisio, Mari Rossi, Mario Golden Goat, Pedro Bertho, Roger Weekes, Lee Collins
      Praia do Saco

    RA Pick
    • Wed, 26 Dec 2018

      Mareh NYE 2019

      Joakim, Lovebirds, Horse Meat Disco, Capablanca, Dicky Trisco, Eric Duncan, Léo Mafra, Justin Van Der Volgen, Paramida, Dam Swindle, Mendel, Vitor Kurc, JKriv, CC:DISCO, Rafael Cancian, DJ Nuts, Tahira, Yu Su, Vermelho, Benjamin Ferreira, Fiervo, Roger Weekes
      Celebrate the New Year in a Balearic disco paradise. This year's Mareh features returning heroes Mendel and Eric Duncan alongside highly anticipated newcomers such as CC:DISCO! and Paramida.

    • Tue, 26 Dec 2017

      Mareh NYE 18

      Tim Sweeney, Idjut Boys, Mark Seven, Trujillo, Darshan Jesrani, Jonny Rock, Eric Duncan, Eddie C, Lexx, Léo Mafra, Noema, Mendel, Marcio Vermelho, José Padilla, Carrot Green, Wolf Music, Vincent Floyd, Eyal Baroz, Rafael Cancian, Barbara Boeing, Balako, Joutro Mundo, DJ Nuts, Tahira, Vermelho, Roger Weekes
      Cumuruxatiba / Bahia

    • Mon, 26 Dec 2016

      Mareh NYE 2017

      Joakim, Ney Faustini, Ilija Rudman, Horse Meat Disco, Dicky Trisco, Eric Duncan, Phil Mison, Lexx, Ray Mang, TYV, Gui Scott, Mendel, Kenji Takimi, Vitor Kurc, Marcio Vermelho, Selvagem, Carrot Green, Jex Opolis, Eyal Baroz, Balako, Pinaud, Vermelho, Luke Howard, Fiervo, Lucio Caramori
      Cumuruxatiba / Bahia