• We were the nu-underground. Back in the 1900s we ate the bourgeoisie, and smelled good while we pissed Pop. We burnt red carpets, and swung naked from chandeliers. We had the Ace of Spades always up our sleeves. We never checked our coats, left the candles burning, and always checked out late. And now, we are back from the future. Reborn in the urban dark side of Beirut, in the deep end of Hamra, we are the all-dancing and all-punching social-faux-pas of this city’s nightscape. We’ve wiped the blood off the dance floor with a vodka-soaked vintage velvet cloth. We’ve polished the rusted bronze, dimmed down the lights, and summoned a lavish buffet of world-class acts to lay down the soundtrack of the nights to come. And now, our lair is hungry for thirsty night crawlers. Welcome back to the night.