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  • In the middle of year 2006 the idea for something new, fresh and modern in the local electronic scene has been born. As a consequence to this idea, a great number of parties were organized following rather different concept. The main centre of these parties was the cult clubbing place named “The Club”. Throughout the whole season large variety of local DJs had the opportunity to present themselves and their music to the audience. These events draw a lot of attention and gave a different perspective for the current disoriented local scene. Understanding the possibility of the events and the need to create something unique has joined the promoters of these parties and some of the DJs into one concept. Furthermore the main cause of this concept is to improve the quality of the local electronic scene and to promote it as much as possible. The name under which all the interests have been joined is POLLUX. The activities that this organization will perform are nearly connected with promoting and managing parties that will present rather modern music, as well as organizing various events covering the field of multimedia and art expositions. The essence of these events is to increase the awareness and perception of the contemporary music and art among the people wherever these events are being held. The organization POLLUX has been created by already well known and established DJs, VJS, artists and graphic designers which are present on the local scene. The members of this organization are: Aleksandar Vidinovski, Darko Spasovski - Packi, (Sound Diffusion), Flooder, Koshtan, Machki, Vaso, Fluid, Bazel, Aleksandar Tanchevski, Monumental, Vj. Ind.o.g, as well as Aleksandar Jovanovski, Katerina Mileska, Dimitar Dimitrov. Currently all the members contribute in successfully organizing parties and maintain the unique clubbing web portal Skopje-Clubbing (http://www.skopjeclubbing.com.mk) as well as hosting the radio show “Skopje-Clubbing” on the Club Fm radio from 00:00 to 02:00 every Thursday.
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