Outer Bass Sound



  • A Boutique night in Sydney aiming to provide people with an evening of alternative bass music. A night where the punters won’t hear the same tracks over and over again. A night that reaches far and wide for Dj’s with eclectic tastes in Bass. Expect a solid evening of Tasty low end frequencies served up by Sydney’s finest connoisseurs. It is a place to gain some knowledge, take a break from the norm and listen to something new. Expect to hear Bass music from around the world. Juke and footwork from Chicago. Baile Funk from South America. Jungle, Garage, Grime, DNB, Dubstep and Hardcore from the UK. Dancehall, Dub and Reggae from the West Indies. Baltimore club, Booty House, Hip Hop and Ghetto House from the US. Techno from Detroit and Europe. Bounce from New Orleans, Etc. Come down for good times, good drinks, good people and The Sounds Of Sydney’s Finest!