Ain't Nuthin' But A House Party



  • Aint Nuthin But A House Party is .... A by invitation monthly party for deep & soulful house headz that LOVE 2 dance!!! with resident DJ Jellybean Benitez AIN’T NUTHIN’ BUT A HOUSE PARTY is a members only monthly party that began in New York on Valentines day in 2003. The resident dj is the legendary DJ, writer and mega-producer JELLYBEAN BENITEZ. AIN’T NUTHIN’ BUT A HOUSE PARTY has been nominated as Best Monthly Event for the Underground Archives Choice Awards, and often draws a crowd of over 1200 people. In addition to having the opportunity to experience the unique vibes from Jellybean party-goers are often treated to the sounds of other well known DJ’s who have moved dance floors around the world. Names such as Osunlade, Little Louie Vega, Ian Friday, DJ Spinna, Greg Gauthier and Quentin Harris have all taken part in the event. AIN’T NUTHIN’ BUT A HOUSE PARTY has also been host to several prominent artists- names such as Kem, James “D-Train” Williams, Darryl D’Bonneau, Monique Bingham, Julie McKnight, Kenny Bobien and many others. AIN’T NUTHIN’ BUT A HOUSE PARTY offers a space where everyone feels welcome, regardless of age, sex, color or social status, and is a gathering of like-minded individuals who celebrate dance music and the positive culture that the music embodies. When you walk through the doors, you are home- you can relax and be yourself- both with the people around you, and on the dance floor. And when you leave the next morning, you are completely exhausted and yet energized, because you know you were just part of something special. stay connected:: [email protected]