• Edinburgh and London under 300pax parties. We bring you some of the best musical talent in the form of DJ's and live acts. Priding ourselves in creating fun and intimate parties, we invite guests that span the spectrum of dance music sub-genres. In support of local and international artists - guests have included > Alexander Slaughter, Anthony Naples, Arkist, Audio Werner, Benjamin Brunn, Brian Not Brian, Brinsley Kazak, Bruno Schmidt, Casino Times, Dave Magnier, Detroit Swindle, Elgato, Ethyl, DJ Fett Burger, The Foo Birds, Gentlemans Dub Club, Gerry Read, Greg Sawyer, Hamish Cole, House of Traps, Hubie Davison, iO, Jaunt>, Joey Nelson, John Daly, Jonny Cade, Josh T, Junes, Juniper, Lakosa, Leif, Lorca, Louche, Maayan Nidam, Mikey Gill, Moomin, October, OOFT!, Prosumer, Robin Ordell, Saoirse, Shocko, Shardai, Skipper, DJ Sotofett, Submotion Orchestra, Ste Waite, Telephones, Voyeur, Youandewan

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