Crane Club



  • Crane Club is a new Dublin based collective inspired by the gentrification that Dublin has been subject to for an undesirable number of years now. Our city has been turned into a building site at the expense of some dearly missed venues and creative spaces. We wanted to create a theme that represents this while also paying homage to the strong attitudes of Dublins nightlife crowd that will continue to fight to keep the club scene alive. The cranes may stay up and destroy whats below, but we will always find ways to have fun - regardless. At Crane Club, Everyone is invited to our club night regardless of gender, race, sexuality, class, ability and mobility. Crane Club will be an all inclusive space where we will not only provide a musically diverse experience, but we will ensure that the venues we work with understand the importance of QTIPOC safety. We'll be kicking things off with a mix series from our Resident DJs starting this Friday so that you know what to expect when we can finally bring our club night to Dublins doorsteps. Expect a diverse palette of genres, sounds you may have not ever heard in the capitals music venues and some really exciting future guests to play our Crane Club nights. Like everybody else, we can't wait for that first night out when we can all dance together and feel safe once again - like old times, but even better. We are so excited to bring this party to you, but for now, mind yourselves and stay tuned to see what's to come for Crane Club.