RA.084 Trickski

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    26 Dec 2007
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  • Sonar Kollektiv funsters Trickski climb down the chimney with the final RA podcast of 2007.
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  • German DJs Yannick Labbé and Daniel Storte Becker are hard men to pin down. Yannick’s first record arrived on classic Berlin label Cabinet, they’ve got roots in nu-jazz, and they’ve even had the balls to cover a Carl Craig track, ‘At Les’ from More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art. In fact C2 picked up Trickski’s ‘Sweat’ for his Fabric 25 compilation, turning a house track from then unknown producers from Frieburg into an underground hit. More recently Trickski have been releasing more groove-based house and techno cuts on Compost and Sonar Kollektiv, and have even begun a new club series on the latter, Members of the Trick, picking up artists such as Leroy and Darnell from Detroit, Movementz from England and the rising fast Future Beat Investigators from Finland. Cuts from the label have recently been compiled on Trickski’s debut mix CD, Members of the Trick, which features the likes of Pantha Du Prince, Solomun with a healthy dose of Trickski productions. Regulars at Weekend in Berlin, Fabric in London and Club 11 in Amsterdam, Trickski’s DJ sets are sometimes accompanied by MCing by one Jack Migger, owner of the 5Finger label and general party starter. For their RA podcast, Mr. Migger is absent: this one is just turntables, hands and a whole lot of fine records—a deep house trip through the UK (Quiet Village aka Radio Slave), Senegal (Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts’ stunning ‘Sous l'arbre’) and New York (Tommy Bones’ ‘Focused Energy’). Merry Xmas and a happy new year! RA caught up with Trickski over email... What have you been working on recently? In the last few months, we've been working on the follow-up releases to the Mott compilation (the Trickski / Solomun split with 'lost tape' on it and the other 12" with our Solomun remix). We've been DJing quite a bit with our Australian tour being somewhat of a highlight. Then of course, there has been loads of work to do for Members of the Trick. Right now, we are stuck in the middle of a production period with already a few nearly finished tracks that are hopefully going to be released next year. Where was the mix recorded? The mix was recorded at Daniels' home. It is supposed to represent what a Trickski night at a club could sound like - but just compressed to a little more than one hour. We like to play different styles of music and for us it is very important to do "musical petting" before we "get it on". Somehow these early hours at the club are great and very important for the mood to set up the night - and you can play beautiful music without having the pressure to pump it right away. We especially enjoy that and don’t see it just as time that needs to pass by until we can finally start the party. It is essential and soulful. The worst is if people "bang it" right away and musically slap you in the face when you enter the club. What are you up to next? As mentioned above, we are finishing a stack of tracks right now. We are planning to release tracks not only on our own label but also on other ones that we either like or have been important for us in a way. Sometimes it can feel limiting to just release on your own label. And then of course, there is the plan to release an album. We will start the production for this in 2008 most definitely, but we're still unsure about the release plan. A few sketches and ideas are there... but it still needs lots of time and effort. It will be fun though... and we are still hosting our resident night at Cookies every third Tuesday of a month. Sometimes with guests, sometimes without. If you are in Berlin come by and see how hot a Tuesday night can be! We love that place.
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      Mudd - Speilplatz (Quiet Village Remix) - Rong Williams - Love on a real train (version by Studio) - Love Triangle Music Harry Swinger - is on some - Rush Hour LTD Trusme - W.A.R - stilove4music Sascha Dive - Deep - Drumpoet Community Guillaume & The coutu Dumonts - Sous l'arbre - Circus Company Pawel - Gabriel - Orphanear Tiger Stripes - Survivor - Get Physical Fetisch & Me - Diskotektonik - International DeeJay Gigolos Tommy Bones - Focused Energy - Real Tone Records