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    11 Mar 2019
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  • Tripped-out trance and electro from Canada.
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  • Sometime in 2017, around the release of her Blue Dream EP, word spread beyond Vancouver about D. Tiffany's talent. Since then, Sophie Sweetland has been on a tear. She toured around the world, living in Australia for a spell and eventually relocating to Montreal, and started her own label, Planet Euphorique, which now has four releases under the belt, including her own EP of spacey electro, Feel U. Like our other recent RA podcaster, LNS, Sweetland was an integral part of Vancouver's dance music scene. She embodies her hometown's DIY spirit: when there was nowhere to throw parties, she hosted them in her own house, a semi-legal commercial space that she christened Sweet Pup (which for a spell became Vancouver's hottest afterhours venue). She made dance music using what she had leftover from her days playing in bands, including guitar pedals, a few pieces of hardware and Ableton. And she cofounded the women-focused Intersessions DJ school, making expensive DJ technology—and the knowledge of how to use it—available to women of all ages and backgrounds. Musically, Sweetland's laid-back approach and hazy atmospheres helped establish the Vancouver sound, and she's since stretched out from house to breakbeat and electro. She's consistently been ahead of the game: she did a breakbeat EP as DJ Zozi years before it was a trend, and predicted a resurgence of interest in vintage trance with the eclectic Dolphin Sound System parties she used to throw with Bobby Draino in Vancouver. You'll find some of those older trance jams, like Resistance D's "Cosmic Love," Snakebite's "The Bit Goes On" and Projective Vision's "Equilibrium," on Sweetland's RA podcast, next to tracks from her Ambien Baby project with fellow Montrealer (and former Vancouverite) NAP. There's a healthy dose of electro, soaring melodies and jacking house grooves, bolstered by a smattering of tracks from the Australian community—including producers like Sleep D and Reptant—she's adopted as her own. It's a sound that feels funky, eclectic and just the right amount of tripped-out, capturing the mellow vibe she named one of her best records after. What have you been up to recently? February I spent in Europe on tour. Besides a busy touring schedule I'm working on several different projects. Just finished the next Ambien Baby record coming out on Planet Euphorique along with curating the next couple releases after that. Excited for this year's releases on the label! New sounds to be explored and many friends along for the ride. I've also been spending time working with my friend Shy on another label we started called XPQ?. The first release is a Huerco S., uon and exael collaboration record called Ghostride The Drift, and it will be out in the next couple weeks! Another project I'm working on is Plush Managements Inc.—look for that in the coming months. Shout out to Regularfantasy! Besides all the label work, I've been doing a Planet Euphorique residency in Montreal, my new hometown, and also working in the studio as much as possible. Where and how was this mix recorded? I recorded this mix at n10.as radio in Montreal, Quebec. 100% XDJs and Xone mixer. World wide wadio! Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix? I don't really make that many mixes so I would say these songs are some of the tracks I've been loving over the past few months. Including some new Ambien Baby coming out on FATi records, the Reptant release on PE and a remix I did for ANF. Like most of my DJ sets this mix is definitely not tied to one genre or vibe.  What spurred your recent move to Montreal, and what's it like there compared to Vancouver? I ended up deciding to move to Montreal because the rent is so high in Vancouver. Also I have lived in Vancouver my whole life so it was time to switch it up. It's hard to be inspired by the same place all the time! It's a lot colder and there’s a lot more unicycles here. You seem to have a connection with a number of Australian artists through your label and your DJ sets—is there something special about Australia and the scene there that's exciting to you right now? I spent an extended amount of time in Australia, particularly Melbourne. I love the people and the city! Huge shouts to all the Aus crew <3 There is a large pool of talented DJs and producers and I'm lucky I have gotten to be exposed to the inspiring scene there. On Planet Euphorique I've had Roza Terenzi, Reptant and Nite Fleit release 12-inches. Definitely will be more where that came from later this year ;) What are you up to next? Hopefully having a small rest for the next two weeks, then I'm off to Japan and Korea at the end of March. After that I'm playing a few North American gigs and then at the beginning of June I'll be heading back to Europe until mid-August. Some special things are lined up for August and September in Montreal and America. On the release side, there are two Ambien Baby records scheduled for the next month or so, and then hopefully sometime this year another D. Tiffany release on Planet Euphorique. Also in the works is a collaboration with Shy on XPQ? and a Plush Managements Inc. 12-inch with Regularfantasy.
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      Ambien Baby - Be The Vessel Photek - Glamourama Essa 3 - Coalesce Jumanji - Gobi CAT 1 - Revolution Projective Vision - Equilibrium Sleep D - Shock Tempo Resistance D - Cosmic Love Snakebite - The Bit Goes On (Inspirazione (XVX) Remix) Corrado - Trust (Tribal Acid Mix Edit) M31 - Untitled Reptant - Liquid Acrobatics ANF - ANF Dub (D. Tiffany's Milano Mix) Kabala - Eleutheria Gramrcy & Voodoo Charles - Off Beam Shawn Rudiman - Pixie's Groove Bahamut - Dubb In The Night G13 - Glimpses XyloDuo Ambien Baby - Sequential