RA.638 Nightwave

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    Aug 20, 2018
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  • Acid and breakbeats from a Glasgow party starter.
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  • Maya Medvešek has spent a lot of her life in Glasgow, which you might guess from hearing her DJ. Something about the city seems to breed DJs who know how to rock a party by spanning genres and eras, unafraid to drop anthems while they do it. Medvešek is no different. Her sets encompass everything from classic acid house and electro to new-school grime and footwork. She has an enterprising spirit that keeps her selections adventurous and forward-looking, with a mixing style that hearkens back to the rough-and-ready days of classic Chicago house. This might be explained by her formative years spent in Ljubljana, a city she says took great influence from Chicago and Detroit. It's that push and pull between retro and futuristic that defines most of Medvešek's work. Take her two recent EPs for Fool's Gold. Wavejumper is a thrilling EP that combines Drexciyan electro with ghettotech and rap, while Sanctuary takes old rave music and polishes it. Her RA podcast is full of new and unreleased tracks that fold in techno, breakbeat, electro, footwork and acid. There are classic flavours from newer producers like Arttu and Bodyjack, early '90s hardcore from Public Energy and an appearance from the king of rave throwbacks, Special Request. It's mixed live from the decks at one of her favourite nightclubs, K4 in Ljubljana. What have you been up to recently? A great year so far. I released the Sanctuary EP on Fool's Gold, Acid Mouse on Metro Jaxx, worked on remixes and music for a feature film, had the amazing opportunity to travel to India and teach production for women thanks to the British Council and Wild City, held Producergirls workshops, played some great gigs, celebrated five years of my club night, Nightrave, and my label, Heka Trax. It's been a very personally transformative year as well as I've done a lot of inner work, shamanic retreats and practice, and feel I'm starting a new exciting chapter in my life and my music. How and where was the mix recorded? The mix was recorded at club K4 back home in Ljubljana, Slovenia while visiting. K4 is one of the oldest leading electronic music institutions in Slovenia (it's been going since the late '80s) and the first club I ever went to, so it has a special place in my heart. Recorded in one take on CDJs and a Pioneer mixer. Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix? Nice jackin' house and techno party time, some classics, quite a lot of recent and unreleased stuff in there and a couple of my new tunes as well. A lot of your productions and DJ sets incorporate old-school dance music sounds. What draws to you those classic styles? I guess I'm partial to some rave nostalgia from when I started out, as it got me into DJing and producing, but mainly because it still holds so much energy and life. It's no-nonsense music made for people to have a good time. I also love how club music has evolved into so many new forms and hybrids now, I often play quite a variety in my sets. Is there a healthy scene in Ljubljana, and any producers or DJs to watch out for? Ljubljana has always been a bit of a techno haven, I'm very grateful to have had such a good scene to look up to when I was a teenager—a fantastic Detroit and Chicago influence, loads of great electro, local producers like Umek and Random Logic. I moved to the UK in 2002, so I'm a bit out of touch but the scene is very vibrant. Try K4, Metelkova, Bozidar for clubs and look out for nights by Bojler, Stiropor, Rx:tx. If you like beautiful, shimmery jazzy vibes I recommend Your Gay Thoughts, they have a new album out soon. What are you up to next? Should have a couple more releases out this year and I'm starting a new label with a more focused direction. Apart from that, doing what I love most: DJing and travelling about. I also want to build on my therapist qualifications to hopefully help musicians with their mental health and wellbeing in the future. It's all about creating a balance.
  • Tracklist
      Nightwave - Rainbow Body (unreleased) Lauren Flax - It's Ours (unreleased) Arttu - WD40 (Jack For Daze) Arma - Girl (unreleased) Bodyjack - Nataraja (unreleased) Mak & Pasteman - Reakt (Boom Ting) Oli Furness - Trigger (Jack For Daze) Benny Rodrigues - Cocaine Speaking (UTTU) Special Request - Make It Real (Gerd Janson & Shan Prance Mania Mix) (Houndstooth) Raito - Gunman (BNR) Lone - Oedo 808 (unreleased) Defekt - Acid Bounce (Tripalium) Solid Blake - Masha (Modeselektion) Martyn Bootyspoon - Spread That Kat (Steve Poindexer Remix) (Fractal Fantasy) Public Energy - Three O'Three (Stealth) Mella Dee - Expansion (Warehouse Music) Nightwave - Bang The Rocks (unreleased) Bleaker - Hype (Funk) (UTTU) Ritzi Lee - Reverse Processed (Theory) Panteros666 - Euronature (Meteociel) Clark - Honey Badger (Warp) Kenny Larkin - Without Sound (Rush Hour)