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    Aug 6, 2018
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  • Music for balmy nights.
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  • In early 2017, Music From Memory released Outro Tempo, an illuminating collection of Brazilian music released between 1978 and 1992. As well as giving deserved attention to overlooked musicians like Priscilla Ermel and Maria Rita, the compilation brought to the fore its curator, John Gómez, a DJ who alongside Nick The Record runs Tangent, one of the best small parties in London. Beginning as a DIY event in an East London basement, Tangent slowly built a reputation as an event where the resident DJs would dig out music that was both unusual and danceable. (These days it has a new home at The Pickle Factory.) Gómez also has close ties to Rush Hour, repping the Amsterdam operation as the host of its NTS show and occasionally joining Antal, Hunee and the gang at label showcases. These days, people outside London are getting the chance to enjoy Gómez in action—since Outro Tempo came out, he's played his first shows in Australia, South America and the US. On his RA podcast, Gómez displays his knack for sniffing out catchy tunes from across the globe. (You won't find many Brazilian tunes on here—that's only one part of his repertoire.) Recorded at his East London home in the midst of a sweltering summer, Gómez expertly balances playful sounds with heads-down moments. What have you been up to recently? I've had a busy schedule this year, with highlights including a first US tour in late spring and going back to Brazil for Dekmantel São Paulo. I've also been working on some collaborative releases with friends that should be ready over the next few months. First, the reissue of a Congolese house record which I have helped put together for Rush Hour, and later in the year a series of Brazilian albums on Selva Discos. How and where was the mix recorded? It was recorded at my home in Hackney on one of the many hot nights London has seen this summer, with two Technics SL1200 MK2 turntables, a Condesa Lucia mixer, and cooling assistance provided by a fan from Argos. Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix? I simply wanted to put something together that felt summery, was musically interesting, and which offered an honest reflection of the different aspects of my personality that come out when I play. I enjoy balancing different textures and levels of energy, so this was all about finding compelling ways to flow between the warm and tropical, and the deep and cosmic. You popped up on many people's radars with Outro Tempo. Tell us about your musical history in the years leading up to the compilation. I've been living in London for eight years and have always remained active in the city's scene, running my party Tangent with Nick The Record, hosting the Rush Hour show on NTS, and generally connecting with the loose musical community that orbits around Brilliant Corners and, prior to that, Plastic People. But yes, the past year has been very rewarding for me. Outro Tempo appeared to open up a new world of listening for a lot of people, but it undoubtedly introduced a whole realm of amazing opportunities into my life. You run Tangent with Nick The Record. What makes the party special? This September is going to mark four years of Tangent but our simple ethos remains the same: playing great records on an incredible soundsystem. Initially we didn't use a club, we hired out a dark basement with no passing crowd and we would bring the soundsystem, music and all of our friends. That intimate, DIY and cooperative spirit is what really makes the party special. We are lucky to get an incredibly friendly and open crowd that is always ready for risk and surprise. Nick and I always look forward to Tangent as we feel that this is the place where we can push our deepest records, which in turn also brings out a bit of playful competition between the two of us. Last year we relocated to The Pickle Factory and in a few weeks we are going to toast the end of summer with a Tangent on August 31st. What are you up to next? I've just come back to my family's home in Madrid, taking some time out for some swimming, reading and also laying the groundwork for some future releases.
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      Oumou Sangaré – Kamelemba Pascal Latour – Promenade Duckett – Millions And Millions Of Palestinions Tracey Lynn Clarke – Goldee And Tracee Orchestra Tropical – Tropical Paradise Mizik Mizik – Pale A Vem Zo Zo & Shisa – Elementary To All Man Cosmo Vitelli – Pieces Of A Sultan Testpattern – Ryugu Electro Zouk – Electro Zouk VIP – Disco Flash River Yarra – Space Gekko Frank Guiolet et Kiwi – Zouk Pulsions Afrika System – He He He (Alternative Mix) 4D – Instantly Flora Purim & Airto – Jump Kossas – Take Your Way Masco – African Love (Instrumental) Daisy Glow – Give It All Erick Paul – Confusion Bear Bones, Lay Low – Jabrojo Alton Miller feat. Niki O – More Positive Things Lonnie Liston Smith – Enlightenment