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    29 May 2017
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  • The sound of Vancouver.
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  • With the sound of rain, humid chords and vintage breaks, few tracks represent Vancouver like Flørist's "Marine Drive." It propelled its producer, Logan Sturrock, to the upper echelons of the city's thriving scene, even though he was an important fixture there for years before that. As a DJ and a punter, Sturrock was a steady presence at the start of Vancouver's afterhours boom. As a designer, he created the signature look—playful text and muted colours inspired by old rave artwork—of Mood Hut's flyers. The charming aesthetic soon spread across the city and has since been imitated by promoters from Melbourne to London. Thanks to "Marine Drive," a record on World Building and a cheeky edit of "Show Me Love" on Pacific Rhythm, Sturrock is a well-known producer, but he's also a respected and versatile DJ. He can combine feel-good disco and classic house, or he can go full-bore techno, throwing down trippy records you've never heard. His RA podcast is somewhere in between. Comprising tunes new and old—including tracks from Pet Shop Boys, obscure '90s deep house and cuts from Laurent Garnier, Sterac and Aaron Carl—it's a rough-and-tumble ride with the spontaneity of a peak-time club set. What have you been up to recently? I've been taking some time to get my life back in order after some big changes earlier this year. I also moved houses and quit one of my day jobs—which I feel good about. Currently in the UK and Europe playing a few parties. Working on music and doodling in my downtime and catching up with friends I haven't seen in a while. How and where was the mix recorded? I recorded this live back in March one morning in my studio after having slept over the night before. With the exception of the Crustation track, it's all vinyl, and was recorded through a Rane Empath rotary mixer. Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix? I picked a few records that I have played at parties in our studio along with a bunch of other favourites. Originally I had intended to record it using the main sound system we have at Deep Blue, so the track selection was made with that particular space in mind. It's a wooden room with sound dampening materials around the perimeter. When recording I just imagined I was playing a freaky and sweaty party at home. You're part of Vancouver's house and techno scene, which has been getting a lot of attention internationally recently. Who are some of your favourite lesser-known artists? Lesser known is a strange term. Maybe some people are just known better in other circles. But here are just a few artists that come to mind who I really enjoy the music of: Ambien Baby, Regularfantasy, ESB, Isla (label), NAP, Jonathan Scherck, Downtown Solutions, Aileen Bryant, You're Me, Babysam (from Seattle), Money Morning and everybody else in our studio who I haven't mentioned here. There's a big list of names. You're responsible for a lot of the scene's graphic design work and style. What was your inspiration for that distinct style? I just try to inspire people to have fun and to translate the vibe of the event into a visual form. As design goes I am inspired by having fun in the creative process and joking around with ideas. I don't take it super seriously. I find inspiration in decrepit things and signage that has not been given much thought. Like a sun-faded piece of printer paper in a store window, possibly designed in Microsoft Word, advertising a sale on bongs—that really gets me excited. I take having fun seriously, however, so I'm inspired to make things that, when you look at them, you think, "OK that looks like fun." Also, the style with the faded colours and whatever is the way it is because almost all of the posters I've made are just printed on old Xerox machines using whatever paper they have, which is almost always pastel coloured. (Shout out to InPrint.) What are you up to next? I'm going to get some fresh air!
  • Tracklist
      Xali'p - A2 Laurie Spiegel - Improvisation On A Concerto Generator Pet Shop Boys - Se A Vida É (Mark!'s Deep And Dark Vocal) Johnick - Good Time Martin Venetjoki - Feber Mattski - I Can't Take IT Reel Houze - Feel The Warmth (Inside Of You) (The Unreel Rub) Yellow Sox - Flim Flam The Outsiders - Do Dat Scat Jorge Zamacona - Mosaic 017 Automia Division - Rays Sterac - Darkness In My Life Crustation - Flame (Borderline Insanity Dub Mix) Little Big Bee - K.G.O. (Jazztronik Mix) Laurent Garnier - Flashback Dreesen, SVN & AMUS - SUED 013 A TXC-1 - Dream Is Alive Chris Shivers - Care (TP's Great Day Mix) Aaron Carl - Sky (Tommi White BIllsticker Mix) Basic Bastard - Love Break Digital Justice - Theme From It's All Gone Pearshaped Love From San Francisco - Final Fantasy