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    Nov 16, 2015
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  • Every time he looks into your eyes he sees the future.
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  • It's almost crazy to consider that, 15 years on, the "Sunglasses At Night" guy is still charming us in much the same way. On his 2001 cover of the Corey Hart track of the same name, Tiga Sontag outlined a fun, electro-soaked vision of club music that defines his successes and appeal to this today. Then again, who else in dance music is using humour so stylishly? Who else makes pop tracks but gets a pass from the underground? Who else so successfully skirts this line in their DJ sets? And who else shoots videos like this? Tiga is about to return with his as-yet-unnamed third album. "Love and romance," is its theme, he told us. "More romance than love. I have to love certain people; I'll romance whomever I please." It follows a productive couple of years for the Montreal artist. He's spent time in the studio with Matthew Dear, releasing stompers like "Let's Go Dancing" and "Fever," collaborated with Boys Noize on the similarly massive "100," and turned out "Bugatti," a track that was earwormy even by his standards. He's currently bringing all of this together in a new live show, which sees Tiga assume the frontman role he always seem destined to play. In addition to hits like "You Gonna Want Me" and "Pleasure From The Bass," the set also includes new material produced in collaboration with Hudson Mohawke, Matthew Dear, Boys Noize and Martin Buttrich, some (or all) of which presumably features on the new album. Tiga's RA podcast also has a new collaboration at its core, a track called "Always" that was produced alongside Paranoid London. The rest is made up of Tiga's signature blend—electro, acid, pop and grooves. What have you been up to recently? I've been busy as a motherfucker. Post-Ibiza summer has been a blur of live shows, DJ touring, completing my album, moving my house, remix work and the usual label and bizz action. I'm active but happy. How and where was the mix recorded? I did it in Montreal. Ripped some records, picked some faves of the moment and some older tracks and then plotted/schemed in a hotel room before making a nice neat folder in rekordbox and then recording it live in my brother's DJ Booth. I have to do mixes live because otherwise I go insane with the "limitless" potential of in-the-box mixes. I did one edit, other than that I left all the little mistakes in. Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix? I wanted to showcase a few new songs of mine, one that is a complete exclusive ("Always" produced with one half of Paranoid London), so I based the tracklisting around those songs. My mixes are always just a product of what I am listening to at that time, and this one is quite acidy and groovy. You're playing your debut London live set this week. Tell us about the show. It's been an incredible experience for me, after so many years of DJing, to have finally taken the step and be singing and performing live. The show itself is all my tracks broken down and rebuilt and mixed live, with additional basslines and synth work done live, with Jori Hulkkonen on synths. Then the singing is all me obviously, and we have amazing visuals by Helmi (who did the "Bugatti" video) and Honza/Pfadfinderei the Berlin visual collective who also do Modeselektor and loads of others. Altogether the show is great and it's been so much fun. You've signed with the Ninja Tune label Counter for the new record, a move few saw coming. Why did this make sense for this project? I never saw it coming either. They just showed, with both their offer and their communication, that they really loved my music and had a specific vision for where it could all go. As much as that sounds like a cliche, it is all I really care about: that the people that handle your music actually love the music, and that the people you are forced to have contact with are actually good people. While I was never a Ninja Tune guy, I always respected the true, deeply independent nature of the label. I met Jon [More] and Matt [Black] about a thousand years ago, and much like myself they have always done it their own way. I respect it. What are you up to next? Album completion for an early 2016 release. The big London live show.  I got a remix for Disclosure. Next year a special series of DJ shows in London. A winter to make new music and enjoy life, etc... love.
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      Paranoid London - Paris Dub 2 (Demo) - Paranoid London Records H-Man - 51 Poland Street (Extrawelt Tool) - Giant Wheel Interceptor - Together (Original Vocal Mix) - Murk Records Discreet Unit – Unit - Prime Numbers Dewalta - dewalta underwood mix - ? Decius - Come To Me Villa - More About Music Richard Barts - M70 - Kurbel Gesloten Cirkel - Chasing Away The Night - Murder Capital Tiga - Always (Unreleased) - Counter Records Acid Bitchez - Thinking Aboud Acid (Jori Hulkkonen Remix) - Turbo Recordings Tiga VS Boys Noize - 100 (Johnny Aux Remix) - Turbo Recordings Tiga - Don't Break My Heart (Unreleased) - Counter Records Shit Robot ft. Reggie Watts - Where It's At (Johnny Aux Remix) - DFA Winx - Don't Laugh (Live Raw Mix) - Sorted Records Robert Görl - I Love Me - Mute Decius - Gay Futures - More About Music Santos Rodriguez - A1 Untitled - Cosmic ID Gesloten Cirkel – Perron - Murder Capital Blawan - Mine Oh Mine - Ternesc Jesper Dahlback – Existense - Blank LTD Young Thug - Halftime (Clean) - Atlantic / 300 Entertainment