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    Dec 22, 2014
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  • Strange club sounds.
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  • Daniel Ansorge completed an impressive trifecta in 2014. He released his debut album, Magazine 13, in November. In October he put out one of the year's biggest club 12-inches on Hinge Finger, while back in May he turned in an exceptional remix of C.P.I.'s "Proceso." (That track, along with "Chappell," made it into our best tracks of 2014 list). It seemed that whatever Ansorge put his name to, it was guaranteed to stand out. The Cologne producer's music is strangely assembled and often aggressively bare. It's a style that bleeds into his RA Podcast, a 90-minute session of off-the-wall dance music that sees Ansorge weave his way through tunes by the likes of Lena Willikens, Juju & Jordash and Traxx. What have you been up to recently? My first album came out on my label, Magazine, which I run with Crato and Jens-Uwe Beyer, last month. There also was an EP for Will Bankhead and Joy Orbison's Hinge Finger in October. How and where was the mix recorded? In the Magazine Studios here in Cologne. I laid it out on 1210s, CDJs and a Rane mixer and recorded it on a computer. Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix? I don't make much of a difference between home listening and club music because it would feel like an artificial barrier in me. So this mix also doesn't. Actually I play sets like this in clubs, if the atmosphere is right. Your touring schedule seemed to be increasingly busy this year—do you have a favourite new place that you played? I played Institut für Zukunft in Leipzig this autumn. It is a new raw place with a Kirsch Audio soundsystem run by a collective of good people. Were there any record labels that you were particularly feeling this year? Holger, Berceuse Heroique and The Trilogy Tapes from the UK just to name a few. The two mini-albums from Weber and Dream Weapons on Leipzig label Holger were excellent. I am sure Holger will be noticed by more people next year. Dial from Hamburg had a good year—it almost felt like a comeback, with the Roman Flügel and Efdemin albums and the remixes for Efdemin. Giegling from Weimar of course. The Torus album by Vril, Edward, DJ Metatron, Traumprinz... And I just got sent the second release from the Cologne Dorfjungs label. I expect great things of them in the future. What are you up to next? There are a few remixes lined up. All of them will be for friends or labels I really like.