RA.383 Trentemoller

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    30 Sep 2013
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  • The always confounding producer plays us his favourites.
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  • Anders Trentemøller's sonic evolution has been fascinating to watch. The Danish artist established himself in the mid-'00s as a purveyor of electro- and minimal house, and became one of the scene's most popular names. Although it was a step away from the dance floor compared to his earlier singles like "Physical Fraction" and "Sunstroke," his debut album, The Last Resort, defined this period. Its crepuscular atmosphere and exquisite production garnered it a perfect score here on RA when it was released in 2006. Trentemøller was very much thought of as a dance producer back then, but there were hints on the The Last Resort as to what would come next. In 2008, Trentemøller began to tour The Last Resort with a band. The following year, he released Harbour Boat Trips, a 21-track compilation that presented his influences—Suicide, The Raveonettes, Soft Cell. In 2010, he released his second album, Into The Great Wide Yonder, which formally introduced instruments and vocalists to his palette. The logical conclusion to all of this arrived earlier this month when Lost, his third album, was released. "Another fuck-you to whatever genre you thought you had him boxed into," said its press text, which was backed up by fully realised electronic pop record. Guitars rather than synths are the driving force on RA.383, a mix Trentemøller simply describes as "some of my favourite tunes." What have you been up to recently? Rehearsing with my band, getting ready for the November tour in Europe. How and where was the mix recorded? On my laptop in my apartment. Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix? I just wanted to mix in some of my favorite tunes. I was more concerned about mixing tunes that would fit pitch-wise rather than beat mixing. How did your support slots on the Depeche Mode tour go? It was fantastic. Such a wild thing to play these huge stadiums and the guys from DM are so cool and down to earth. How did the approach to Lost differ from your previous albums? Not much actually, other than I wrote some tunes this time with much more focus on the vocals. Even though your guy (doing the average review of my album) thinks I "use a million of ideas where I could use three," I don't see it that way at all. I think on the other hand that this album is my most focused and I actually love to have details and many layers in my music. Both things, in my world, can go hand in hand. What are you up to next? Going on vacation: three weeks in Japan!
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      Dorit Chrysler - Avalanche Dirty Beaches - Elli Beak - Yattoon Pinkunoizu - The Great Pacific Garbage Path White Hills & Gnod - Drop Out The Warlocks - Shake The Dope Out (remix) Kid Kongo Powers & Khan - Why Hurt Flesh Beak - Iron Acton Soft Moon - Repetition A Place To Bury Strangers - You Are The One Tropic Of Cancer - I Feel Nothing Trentemøller - Piano Piece For Cassette