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    Nov 12, 2012
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  • Undiluted techno from an under-appreciated name.
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  • Ashley Burchett is a London producer whose work has featured in the bags of full-throttled techno DJs since 2000. Those who checked our recent Label of the Month feature on Belgian label Token will know that Burchett came on board with the imprint in 2007 and has made it his exclusive home ever since. Burchett has largely pushed a fast-paced, rolling sound, one that often evokes the more shadowy corners of Jeff Mills' Purpose Maker series. Token marked its fifth birthday at the start of 2012 with Burchett's relentless Binary Opposition, a release that would be remixed later in the year by an eye-catching selection of modern techno's finest—Ben Klock, Peter Van Hoesen, Planetary Assault Systems, Sigha. Burchett arguably outdid himself with Behind the Sun late last month, running from delicate intensity through to full-bore attack mode. You get all of the aforementioned Ø [Phase] tracks on RA.337 along with unreleased material and new guard names like Shifted, DVS1 and Truncate. What have you been up to recently? Production-wise I've been busy with various remixes (due out in the coming months). I've been gigging in between. Also working on an album for next year. How and where was the mix recorded? It was recorded in my studio directly into Logic from vinyl and CD. I don't have Traktor or Ableton or such like. Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix? There's no big concept. It's just a condensed version of what I might do live. An illustration of my tastes right now. Kr!z said in a recent feature with us that you "should have been way bigger by now." Is this a view you share? It's a fair enough sentiment, though I'm not particularly looking for reasons why. We all have our own curve. Do you feel like the techno scene has been increasingly moving in line with your approach to the sound recently? It would seem things are toughening up again lately. Perhaps they're just finding a natural level. Things went too hard and too fast in the past, certain producers slowed things down (which was definitely a good thing). It feels a bit like those two approaches have been re-aligning slightly over the past couple of years. I've always been somewhere in the middle so I suppose you could look at it like that. What are you up to next? The album will be my main focus musically in the coming months, while gigging in between.
  • Tracklist
      Stanislav Tolkachev - Building Peaks Shifted - Gates Steven Brown - Polar Martin H & Samuel L Sessions - The Leap Marcel Dettmann - Bleep 5 Ø [Phase] - Behind the Sun Forward Strategy Group - Applied Generics Ads - Transversal Ø [Phase] - The Chasedown Dax J & G Wild - Revok (Ø [Phase] remix) Truncate - Pad Mode B & R - Afterlife Psyk - RDNM John Thomas – Psycho Groove Developer & Truncate - Diffraction (Jonas Kopp remix) Ø [Phase] - Binary Opposition (process 1) P.A.S. - Sucktion Robert Hood - A Time to Rebuild Steve Bicknell - Lost Recordings 5 (B1) DVS1 - Evolve Developer - Dirty Drive - (Shifted remix) Chris Page - Decoy (Blawan remix) Ø [Phase] – (unreleased)