RA.327 Vessel

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    3 Sep 2012
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  • One of electronic music's most brilliant new minds steps forward.
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  • Vessel is poised to release one of the year's most intriguing full-lengths, Order of Noise, through Tri Angle, one of the year's most intriguing imprints. What's got the young Bristol artist (given name Seb Gainsborough) to this point is an open mind. Leaving aside his various side projects—Panther Modern, Rei, Flexible Ape—his output as Vessel has yielded a bewildering volume of stylistic expressions over the last two years—very often within the same piece of music. The first contact you may have had with Gainsborough was through an advanced house/garage EP, Nylon Sunset, last year for the then fledgling Left_Blank imprint; a killer Peverelist remix of the title track helped spread the word. Hints of his restlessness smeared the record but it was on further missives like VeElSkSiEdL, a split-cassette with El Kid, and another split release, ?Tremble / Release Me with fellow Bristol act Zhou, that Gainsborough began to make apparent his range. "Another diverse UK producer?" we hear you sigh. Well, if further proof were needed of Gainsborough's credentials in this regard, look no further than The Young Echo Collective. The Skull Disco-inspired Bristol-based group that also takes in Kahn, Jabu, El Kid and Ishan Sound centre their operation on an infrequent radio transmission. The show, which regularly reaches beyond the five hour mark, uses Bristol's dub and soundsystem culture as its basis while fanning out across vast swathes of music—electronic and otherwise—with guest bands, DJs and performances from the local area. What's clear is that Gainsborough's shape-shifting is borne not of a desire to confound as a crux but an inherent curiosity with tempo, and the rhythmic and structural possibilities therein. RA.327 is an exquisite 75-minute notice of his darkened methods. What have you been up to recently? Fighting the urge to sleep, putting on muscle and playing shows with Holy Other and Fort Romeau. How and where was the mix recorded? It was recorded in the cockpit of my studio space, using one Tascam Portastudio, one laptop and one record player, all firing through a space echo into the main hub. Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix? I wanted to create a snapshot of what I've been enjoying recently, peppered with some of my bits and pieces. No lofty concepts really. Tell us about the process of writing Order of Noise. How did the hook-up with Tri Angle come about? Robin from the label initially contacted me at the end of last year. He said he was interested in seeing if I could make a full-length. At the time, the idea of making an album couldn't have been further from my mind. He brought me around to the idea though...The process of writing the record was difficult. It involved a lot of self-examination, selfishness and frustration. There was no context or design to what I was doing beyond spending every day making these tracks, so the whole six months felt like an accelerated moment. I imagine it's what taking loads of meth feels like. I'm glad it's over. I can enjoy the process more in retrospect. How did the Young Echo collective come about? What are the group's aims/objectives? We were all composing music at the time, and various groupings of us were hanging out a lot. There was mutual interest and respect for what everyone was doing, and it seemed like a natural thing to just bring everyone together under one banner. Our aims and objectives? To subvert expected conventions of electronic / dance music cultures is a part of it. But for me, it's mostly about the opportunity to be surrounded by your close friends in a creative context. That's the best. What are you up to next? Giving in to the urge to sleep, eating meat again, and playing some really great festivals.
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      Eli Keszler - Drums, Crotales, Installed Motors, Micro-Controller Metal Plates / Sebastian Gainsborough - Nervous, Mechanum, Organum / Rudnick - Unknown / Akira Rabelais - 1382 Wyclif Gen. ii. 7 And spiride in to the face of hym an entre of breth of lijf. Jabu & Kahn - Runaway Girl Raime - Told & Collapsed / Cut Hands - ++++ [four crosses] 1991 - Open To The Dark Pelican Daughters - I Love You / Cut Hands - Impassion Cut Hands - Impassion / Sam Kidel - String Loops / Aaliyah - If Your Girl Only Knew / Vessel - Court Of Lions (6_1#03 Ambience) Forest Swords - If Your Girl / Vessel - Scarletta Vessel - Scarletta Vatican Shadow - Conspiratorial Whispers / Jabu - Flying Kareem - Baku / Bernard Parmegiani - Ponomatop I.B.M - Limelight 80 Pete Swanson - A&Ox0 Hamza El Din - The Water Wheel / Nate Young Stygian Faces The Haxan Cloak - Observatory Vessel - Misery Is A Communicable Disease Howse - Old Tea Evian Christ - Pilatus Jabu - Forgive