RA.316 Eats Everything

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    18 Jun 2012
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  • Full fat house.
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  • Eats Everything is part of a loose collective of artists that hold bass and fun in the highest regard when it comes to house music. Since coming to prominence a little over a year ago, Bristol-based Dan Pearce has worked closely with all of the group's key members—from Claude VonStroke and his San Francisco-based Dirtybird family, through to European exponents like Catz N Dogz and their Pets Recordings imprint. It was through the latter that Pearce first made his mark. "Entrance Song" fused dive-bomb subs with garage organs and a reverb-drenched break; Pete Tong in particular was a fan, almost immediately inviting Pearce to record an Essential Mix off the back of the record. Everyone has seemingly wanted a slice of Eats Eveything since. Dirtybird, Futureboogie, Hypercolour, Get Physical and Classic have all welcomed Pearce for track or remixes, while his touring schedule (which includes an appearance at this year's Garden Festival) has gone into overdrive of late. Pearce flaunted his range on a jungle mix for Louis Louis late last year, a purview accrued from years of experience DJing on the Bristol scene; RA.316 is quite as severe a stylistic switch up but does show Pearce in a more mellow mood, building purposefully over 85 minutes with music from Jimmy Edgar, Justin Martin and Roska, along with a large helping of unreleased Eats Everything edits. What have you been up to recently? Well, there is a question! I have been playing an awful lot, in a lot of new and interesting places including Detroit which was absolutely amazing, such a cool city with so much history and depth to it. I have also been busy in the studio getting my next Dirtybird EP ready which is shaping up nicely. I have played some amazing festivals recently as well: Parklife, Love Saves the Day, Field Day, Rockness, 24 Fest and Evolution Fest in Newcastle. It has been a great start to the summer for me, bar the weather obviously! How and where was the mix recorded? The mix was recorded in my studio at home. I practiced lots of different mixes on my CDJ2000s and worked out the structure of the mix with them then when it came to laying the mix down, I did it in Ableton just so I could get it absolutely perfect. I could have quite happily recorded it using the CD players and mixer but I wanted to get it absolutely bang on and there are a few things in the mix that I simply couldn't do with CD players! Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix? Well, it's definitely different to any mix I have done before. I wanted this to be a mix that people would enjoy listening to as much as dancing to. It's pretty mellow in places and heavier in others. It was a real pleasure to record it as it is a selection of tracks that I absolutely love, some exclusives, some old, some new, and I would play each one of these tracks on the mix in a club environment. You probably wouldn't ever catch me playing an entire set like this but I would, and do, happily play all of these records in a club. It is my favourite mix I have ever done and it showcases a different side to me from the bangers that I suppose I am known for playing, so I am really hoping that people will enjoy the mix because I put a lot of time and effort into it. You were a DJ for many years before "breaking through" more recently. Tell us about what and where you played? I played hardcore, jungle, house in all its forms, speed garage, breaks! Literally everything and I still love it all and am not ashamed or would ever try to hide my musical background. When it comes to dance music I have a very eclectic taste spanning a wide range of genres and I believe it has helped me to become the artist I am today. I don't try to be anything I am not, I just make what I make and have fun doing it. Not everyone is going to like it or like what I do but as long as some people are into it then it makes it all worthwhile and will continue to evolve and grow and make music. It's the best job in the world, and I am very lucky to be doing stuff like this! What are you up to next? Life-wise I am getting married in October in Ibiza at Amante. Music-wise I am finishing off my collaboration EP with Justin Martin as we speak and am doing two very high profile remixes for majors which I am super excited about. Gigs-wise I have a lot of very awesome festivals to play, my first proper DJing ventures to Ibiza, two more US tours and lots of great gigs in the UK. It's already been one of the best years of my life and it's only going to get better, mainly thanks to all the ace people who have bought or illegally downloaded my music and come and danced at the various gigs I have played at!
  • Tracklist
      Jill Scott - Love Rain (Detroit Swindle' Seasonal Redux) - CDR CD vs CD - I Really Do Believe - CDR Roberto Rodriguez - Ride With Me Feat. Max C (Eats Everything Rebeef) - CDR Detroit Swindle - Jick Rames - Dirt Crew Lukas - Best In Show - Moda Disclosure – What's In Your Head - Greco Roman Block Committee - It's Got To Be (Phil Weeks Remix) - Tango Recordings Aaron Soul & Terry Brookes - City Life (Carl Craig's Caya Dub) - Rush Hour Invasion - Spells Of Deception (Boy 8-Bit Remix) - This Is Music LTD Kenlou - The Bounce - MAW Records Andri - Housers Revenge - CityFox The Quirk Burglars - DYPO - Trendy Mullet Jimmy Edgar - Hot, Raw, Sex - K7 Records HoH - Suswour (Bubba Remix) - Dubnoir DOP - Party Rockin (Eats Everything Create-a-break Rebeef) - Guerilla Justin Martin & Pillowtalk - The Gurner - Dirtybird Armando - Don't Take It (Thomos Edit) - CDR Roska & Jamie George - Love 2 Nite - Rinse Eats Everything - Jagged Edge - Pets Recordings &Me - Matters (Eats Everything Rebeef) - CDR Wildkats - Perpertrating - Hot Creations DifferentMe - Back To Tomorrow (Catz 'n Dogz remix) - Deleted Records Hardrive - Deep Inside (Shadow Child Remix) - Strictly Rhythm Eats Everything & Lukas Present The Eel - Futureboogie