RA.250 Heinrich Mueller

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    Mar 14, 2011
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  • The Drexciyan producer records his first ever mix.
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  • There's a comment on Discogs that describes Drexciya as "America's answer to Kraftwerk," which might just be the most succinct way of putting it. Between 1992 and 2002 Heinrich Mueller (who was then referred to by his given name, Gerald Donald) and James Stinson recorded some of the most advanced and influential electro/techno ever to come out of Detroit. And they were certainly the most enigmatic. Even at the point of Stinson's untimely passing in 2002, next to nothing was known about the group—they seldom spoke to the press, were never photographed and never performed live. Mueller went on to form, or continue with, a number of other projects, exploring a vast range of sonic textures and concepts in doing so. Dopplereffekt, Der Zyklus and Arpanet are just a few of these names, while the most recent of these, Zwischenwelt, are on the cusp of releasing the otherworldly Paranormale Aktivitat long-player. The group is made up of vocalist Beta Evers and producers Susana Correia and Penélope Martin, the latter of whom has collaborated with Mueller on this, his first ever mix. We say the word "mix" but don't go expecting a slick DJ set. This is Mueller and Martin exploring the entire "interworld" and presenting it based on its most important facet: the music. What have you been up to recently? Mueller: Investigating new technologies and developing concepts for future works, all these things functions in a unified manner. They feedback to one another. Martin: Zwischenwelt's album production. We all worked really hard for this project, can't wait to see the album out. Also I have been concentrated on ArD2, a project I share with the Spanish producer Ekis. We just finished a new EP and shot a video for one of the tracks of the new EP. Nowadays I'm researching a lot, building the concept for a new project I want to start very soon. How and where was the mix recorded? Martin: My lips are sealed on this one; all I can tell you is that the mix was created in the "Interworld." Mueller: Unsealing lips slightly. The assembly of this data was really a universal effort; building and exchanging ideas on its production. So there was no particular point in space/time where it was recorded, it was a theory and practice situation. It was truly a group and universal effort. We all were working toward the "Interworld" concept. Can you tell us a little bit more about the idea behind the mix? Mueller: The primary purpose of this music data assembly is to demonstrate the latest musical developments I'm involved with in addition to other musical workers. So in summary, it is a promotional demonstrator of music technologies. Martin: The idea was to demonstrate various new music concepts. We brought together music from other projects of Zwischenwelt's members and mixed it with some of the tracks we will find on the Paranormale Aktivitat album. Can you tell us about the production process behind the Paranormale Aktivitat. We understand it was mostly created via the Internet? Martin: Yes, we used the internet to organize the work; a lot of conferences where we all four shared new tracks, ideas and made the concept stronger. The Zwischenwelt LP took quite a long time to complete. I got involved in the project in May 2007. Along those years I had to travel to Germany twice, for real time sessions—a great experience where we all share ideas under the same ceiling. What are you up to next? Mueller: At this time as stated previously, looking forward to new technologies and concepts, maybe some possible interactivity with other musical scientists to share ideas. Looking forward to Dopplereffekt live transmissions in Frankfurt and London. Martin: I'm setting up the foundations for new projects, researching and preparing rhythms and ideas. We are working on a live set for ArD2 as well as new tracks. Also I am looking forward to a more personal with no collaborations, just me as Penélope Martin.
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      Voice of Relativity Dopplereffekt - Mirror Symmetry ArD2 - Sabotage Beta Evers - Confusion ArD2 - Utopia Gedankenexperiment - Conclusion Urban Tribe - Carbon 14 Paka - Solitude: Dopplereffekt - Myon Neutrino Dopplereffekt - Sterilization Der Zyklus - Polar Coordinates Dopplereffekt - Scientist Zwischenwelt - Remote Viewer Dopplereffekt - Plastiphilia Zwischenwelt - Shadow Being Der Zyklus - Formenverwandler Zwischenwelt - Telemetric Dopplereffekt - Speak and Spell Dopplereffekt - Satellites Der Zyklus - Biometric Systems Urban Tribe - Amygdala ArD2 - Drug of a Nation Zwischenwelt - Premonition Der Zyklus - Biometric ID Zwischenwelt - Enigmata Zwischenwelt - Multiplexsistence Arpanet - Universe Oscillation Beta Evers - Only for My Satisfaction Dopplereffekt - Non Vanishing Harmonic Spinor Zwischenwelt - Clairvoyant Neuroleptica - Tardive Dyskinesia Zwischenwelt - Shadow Being Dopplereffekt - Anti Neutrino Zerkalo - I Know More Arpanet - Grossvater Paradoxen Dopplereffekt - Z^0 Boson