RA.239 Tiger and Woods

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    Dec 27, 2010
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  • Expect an orgy of edits on the secretive duo's mix for us.
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  • What do we know about Tiger & Woods? Well, they've released three parts of an ongoing edits series that have surfaced through their own Editainment imprint. The squirming funk of "Gin Nation" has been marked as their standout track—one of the two cuts that made up last year's Caddy Shag EP. They made their DJing debut at Robert Johnson in Offenbach late October and followed it up with a number of European dates throughout the remainder of 2010. And now we have this mix. Adroitly snatched samples are the basis for the duo's trip through soul, disco, boogie and house music; if there's a more feel-good way of seeing in 2011 we'd like to hear it. What have you been up to recently? We started touring Europe, we just finished the album, we did a remix for someone from Germany, and mainly we'd love to say that we've been playing in the Ryder Cup, but unfortunately we can't really... How and where was the mix recorded? The mix was recorded somewhere in central Europe, but most of the music on it has been treated, sliced and dubbed on audiocassette in our lab which is somewhere else, way warmer than central Europe. Can you tell us a little bit more about the idea behind the mix? Most of the music on it comes from a kind of research we do in our studio, a sort of groove extraction that we need to regenerate those unknown and known classics. The idea of the mix is to blend those obsessive essential flavours with new and old tracks we love. What's the motivation behind your cloak of anonymity? It's so easy to get to know things nowadays; for once we tried to keep it spicy like it was back in the day. Why edits? We love it when you discover something new in a song you already know. If the edit is just meant to "fix the beat" or just extend it, then it's not our cup of tea. What are you up to next? There's a lot of music coming out from our side in 2011, and yes that includes an album (as you can read on Wikileaks). But mainly we'll be looking for a new scandal to "ride"—and this time it won't be based on the golf player, it will be just based on us.