RA.219 Cio D'or

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    9 Aug 2010
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  • Cologne's queen of hypnotic minimalism lays down a trippy warm-up session on this week's RA podcast.
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  • She may have only found international recognition in the latter half of the past decade, but Cio Dorbandt is a veteran of the electronic music scene. Throughout the '90s, she could often be found spinning records at Munich's Ultraschall club, which became a popular spot for German clubbers during the country's techno revolution, before deciding to hone her vision of an ideal club night with her own Nachtwind parties. At the same time, Dorbandt began to produce under the tutelage of techno stalwart Richard Bartz, and moved to Cologne to be closer to the labels that embraced her emotive and melodic take on the minimal techno sound. The demise of both Karmarouge and the Zurich-based Motoguzzi imprints left Dorbandt looking for a permanent home to house her work, and in a way she's gone full circle by allying herself with Munich's Prologue label, who issued her Die Faser full-length at the tail end of last year. Its mix of hypnotic but rhythmically driving techno and tripped-out ambience distills many of Dorbandt's electronic passions into one consciously narrative whole, and the same could be said for her RA podcast. What have you been working on recently? Mainly the RA mix and another mix for mnml ssgs. Also I'm preparing a collaborative mix with Donato Dozzy for modyfier-modifying! And of course searching always for exciting new tracks for my DJ sets. How and where was the mix recorded? Using timecoded vinyl with Traktor Scratch Pro, and recorded with Peak Pro in my wonderful flat and home studio in Cologne. Can you tell us a little bit about the mix? I was inspired from some producer friends and recent visits to other countries and cities, so I mixed a combination of breaks, Asian, dub, bleep, something with a classical flavour and hypnotic techno. A big inspiration came on a trip to Japan last year: a resident DJ in Tokyo who produces under the name C_Olvrin. He played lots of ambient, experimental and sound design music before I started my set. I was very thankful to start behind his starter-set. The people were very open-minded for every sound! I wish there would be more residents like this in the scene. My feeling is that the crowd should get a chance to listen different kinds of electronic music to inspire, educate and encourage more of an open-minded attitude in the clubs. With this mix I wanted to show a selection for building up a night. Also I gave lots of attention to making loops for my favorite parts of some tracks. What are your favourite places to go out in Cologne at the moment? I am often travelling—and if not I'm working on music in my home—so I don't sadly have so much time to go out in my hometown, but I really like ARTheater, Cologne Summertunes, Papierfabrik or Odonien. For sure there are many other places that I don't know because of time constraints. When I have time I love to go swimming in a lake or running in the woods near my home. How did you find producing alongside Donato Dozzy? Fantastic! We understood each other nearly without words when we produced together! I brought lots of sounds that I had prepared, and we did our co-production in his great analogue studio. It was an amazing time and we still have regular contact. I am looking forward to see him very soon in September in Munich at our Prologue Label Night. Also I am very thankful for my other co-productions with Paul Brtschitsch and Gabriel Ananda. It's good to not always work alone in the studio, like for my album when I was six months on my own. What are you up to next? I will work on a new 12-inch for Prologue and I have a plan to buy some new studio gear soon which is very exciting. And of course preparing my sets for the next gigs and mixes.
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      Cio D'Or - Autumnwinds - RA podcast exclusive Murcof - Rostro - The Leaf Label Xhin - Seed - Stroboscopic Artefacts Milton Bradley - Somewhere Beyond My Illusion - Prologue Heartthrob - Valentine - M-nus Monolake - Zero Gravity - Monolake C-Olvrin - Walk at Night in the Misty Woods - Unreleased Monolake - Infinitive Snow - Imbalance Margaret Dygas - 37 min to 7 - Non Standard Productions Milton Bradley - Uncontrallable Desire - Do Not Resist The Beat! Monolake - Observatory - Imbalance Terence Fixmer - Electric City (Function Rmx) - Electric Deluxe Perc - BGG (Milton Bradley / Bejond The Silence Mix) - Perc Trax Xhin - Key - Stroboscopic Artefacts Murcof - Memoria - The Leaf Label Milton Bradley - Sector X - Unreleased Cio D'Or - Organza (Milton Bradley Rmx) - Prologue Monolake - Ionized - Monolake Milton Bradley - Last Flight To Cologne - Do Not Resist The Beat! Donor - Remainder - Stroboscopic Artefacts Marcel Dettmann - Silex - Ostgut Ton Sleeparchive - Infared Glow - Sleeparchive Xhin - B-Link - Stroboscopic Artefacts Obtane - Twilight Observer - Unreleased Perc - BGG (Milton Bradley Critical Level Mix) - Perc Trax Cio D'Or - Goldbrokat (Donato Dozzy Techno Rmx) - Prologue Cio D'Or - Goldbrokat - Prologue Cio D'Or - Goldbrokat (Donato Dozzy Ambient Rmx) - Prologue