RA.156 Seth Troxler

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    May 25, 2009
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  • Young Seth lays down some smooth summer grooves on this week's RA podcast.
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  • The small city of Kalamazoo may lie directly in between Chicago and Detroit, but it doesn't really have much of a house and techno heritage. Seth Troxler, however, has been doing his best to change that—ever since he moved to the 313 during his high school years, showing a keen interest in all aspects of house and techno culture and steadily working on his own productions. Omar-S was the first person to give Troxler a break when he put the delicately low slung "Moment" onto FXHE's Compulation #1, and he hasn't looked back since. Appearances on Beretta Music, Esperanza and Spectral Sound followed, but his tipping point came at last year's WMC where the murky atmospheric house of "Love Never Sleeps" was pretty much unavoidable. His clinically produced tracks might suggest that Seth is quite a serious guy, but he's keen to express his sense of humour in everything from his track titles ("Crosson Likes Poo," "Love Spray") to his dress sense (he's been known to crack out cowboy boots and short shorts once in a while). At this point, Seth had already been living in Berlin for a year, forging links with labels like Items & Things and Wagon Repair, and making the most of the city's cheap rent and non-stop party scene. It's not just his productions that are turning heads however: Troxler's catalog of online mixes is legion, and stellar. Which is why we ask that you forget all that, as this week's RA podcast sees him craft a laid back selection of sunkissed disco, rock, folk and funk, with quite a few pleasant surprises. We caught up with Seth recently by e-mail to talk about the mix, "teshno" and what he and Lee Curtiss get up to before they hit the club. What have you been working on recently? As of late I've really been trying to brainstorm using idea thoughts from the pool of the neverever. We're working on a new idea to bring all our creative efforts under one roof, with old friend and handworking artist Matt Abbott called "G.O.D. inc." - Guys On Drugs incorporated. Tag line: "It's time to get spiritual." How and where was the mix recorded? I created this using the invisible powers of dark matter and dark energy that will forever rip the cosmos apart. Can you tell us a little about the mix? It's a lot of songs I like that you can make out to, cry to, rob a bank to. Shitz be real yo. After moving to Berlin, do you still feel a strong affinity with the Detroit scene? In many ways yes with the ideology I grew up with, but the current scene, no. We had some great times there and made some amazing parties, and we're still trying to promote quality events in Detroit with our ongoing Need I Say More party during the Detroit techno festival. But a lot has changed there; a new lot of kids doing different and new things. It's always been this way and it's the overall progression of things. Do you have any plans to revive your Tesh Club parties? Tesh Club is over. It was a basement party in Lee Curtiss' and my house in Detroit. There were some offshoot events but I think G.O.D inc. Visionquest is now the ongoing name we're using to embody those ideas. You've already managed to get a bit of a reputation as a fun loving hedonist. Do you have any amusing stories to share? I once tried to fart on Lee Curtiss' head and I shit my pants, but cleaned up and still went out to the party. Great night. What are you up to next? I think I'm going to get some food.
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      Home and Garden - Broken (Brennan Green (On The) Reprise)- Icon Recordings Omar-S - I-Love-U-Alex - FXHE Records Woolfy vs. Projections - The Return of Starlight - Permanent Vacation Beat Happening - Our Secret - K Chromatics -In The City - Italians Do It Better Michael McDonald - I Keep Forgettin'- Warner Talking Heads - Slippery People - Sire Records Company Jimi Hendrix - Castles Made Of Sand – Polydor Animal Collective - Prospect Hummer - FatCat Records Cat Power – Can’t Get No Satisfaction - Matador Louderbach - Autumn – M_nusArthur Russell - Your Motion Says – Rough Trade Marine Girls - 20,000 Leagues - Whaam! Records Handsome Boy Modeling School- I’ve Been Thinking - Elektra Home and Garden – Sexuality – Classic Home and Garden - Broken (Brennan Green (On The) Reprise)- Icon Recordings Tim and Eric - Universe – Adult Swim The Pack – Vans – Jive