RA.141 Marco Passarani

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    9 Feb 2009
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  • Marco Passarani mixes up records from the Peacefrog label on this week's RA podcast.
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  • Marco Passarani has been instrumental in shaping the club culture of Rome since the early '90s, starting his journey as a radio DJ when the acid house explosion started to take hold in his hometown. After DJing in the local club scene for a few years, Passarani put out his first record on the Detroit-based Generator label, and from there on in he found himself fully immersed in the electronic music scene. As the boss of the Final Frontier umbrella (which includes labels such as Nature, Pigna and Plasmek), he's put out a diverse array of material that spans electro, house, techno and even IDM. All of these styles inform his own production work, which combines Marco's vast knowledge of both American and European dance music culture with his penchant for vintage analogue synthesisers. His solo productions have found their way onto the likes of Viewlexx, Rephlex, Skam and Peacefrog, and it's the latter label that he has decided to showcase on his RA podcast. Whipping through twenty tracks in just 45 minutes, Passarani keeps the energy levels up with this bumping selection of tracks from the back catalogue of the respected imprint. What have you been working on recently? During the last year I've been mostly taking care of my labels, trying to find a way to keep going among this weekly changing mess. I've been releasing four (Alan1, Maja, Snuff Crew, Roberto Auser) new artists from our family (and also two records from my older mates Francisco and Raiders of the Lost Arp) and I'm about to release another new one (Valerio Delphi), before slowing down the Finalfrontier production in order to take care of my own music a bit more in 2009. Where and how was the mix recorded? It's a studio work—a combination of turntables and Ableton Live. Can you tell us a little about the mix? The mix was made in order to rediscover all those forgotten tracks from the amazing Peacefrog catalogue, but since I wanted to make sure the tracks had a very contemporary feeling, I've been doing some edit/remix/mashup work on Ableton Live. Mainly the goal is to refresh all those classic gems, unknown to too many young DJs, and give them extra exposure since they're all available on digital right now. Peacefrog is quite a special label for you. Peacefrog is a very special label, it's the label. It's made by those guy that started when things were unknown, when the system was still to be invented and they achieved getting together an unbelievable catalogue, a huge piece of contemporary dance music history. I still remember those days when Lee from FatCat gave me this Dan Curtin record that freaked me out (Parallel / Population II). It's in my heart and in my soul. How do you feel about the recent demise of the Clone label? Well, surely it's not a pleasure when you see a cycle reaching its end. I'm very bonded to the Clone family, so it is very hard to accept. But it's also true that in every field you need to change at some point and face new challenges. And this is probably the most interesting thing of this chaotic moment: a new start. And so Clone will do, I'm sure, very soon. The whole scene has been sitting down for too long, so I believe that this global crisis and the format revolution will lead us again in those unexplored areas like we were doing when we started many years ago...to boldly go where no one has gone before...even though, I think it's much more difficult now since the space is really crowded. What are you up to next? My goal for 2009 is to finish the album which is in progress now. Full focus.
  • Tracklist
      David Alvarado feat. The Sun Children - Niebla - Peacefrog Chris Brann - Deep Fall (Edit) - Peacefrog Chris Brann - Eyes - Peacefrog Glenn Underground - May Datroit - Peacefrog Gemini - Fizz - Peacefrog Paul Johnson - Summer Heat - Peacefrog Gemini - Z.funk - Peacefrog Paul Johnson - Hour Glass Figure (Edit) - Peacefrog David Alvarado - Beautification - Peacefrog Planetary - End - Peacefrog Theo Parrish - Heal Yourself and Move / DBX - Losing Control - Peacefrog DBX - Signalzero (edit) - Peacefrog Infiniti - Sunlight (remix) - Peacefrog Planetary Assault System - Take Back / David Alvarado - Sunstone - Peacefrog Planetary Assault System - I Am the Funkster - Peacefrog Furry Phreaks - Want Me (Like Water) (Abacus Remix / Passarani Re-remix) - Peacefrog DBX - City on the Edge of Forever (Remix) - Peacefrog Passarani - I House U (edit) - Peacefrog