Joris Voorn regains his Balance

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    Tue, 16 Dec 2008, 15:20
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  • The Dutch DJ mixes up 102 tracks over two discs on the latest Balance instalment.
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  • Joris Voorn is the next DJ to undertake a mix for the Balance series, and has crammed 102 tunes into the double-disc compilation. Most of the tracks used have been heavily edited, and according to Voorn, sometimes he "only used the break or the intro." Speaking about the mix on his MySpace, Voorn said that "the process of making this mix has been more like painting with sound rather than mixing the end of one track with the beginning of another. Working this way has been very interesting for me and made the project into something very different than a conventional DJ mix CD." Long-term fans of Voorn won't be surprised by his approach to the mix, as his FUSE compilation from 2005 saw him use a similar methodology. This time around, however, he's using a higher frequency of smaller loops to create a sound collage that relies less on the individual tracks themselves. Continuing on his MySpace blog, he added that he "won't be pleasing everyone with these mixes, some listeners will be happily or uneasily surprised, but at least it's pushing my own boundaries in a technical, but even more so, in a musical and artistic way." The sound sources for the mix come from a wide-ranging bunch of artists, with cuts from Basic Channel, Quiet Village, Goldie, Tantra, Flying Lotus and Cobblestone Jazz all featuring. Those wanting to strain their eyes by looking at the full tracklisting can do so below. Tracklist Disc 1: Mizuiro Mix Tadeo – Circunbalation I (Alex Under View) Mikael Stavöstrand – Stol Minilogue – In A Distance Minilogue - Loud Minilogue – We All Forss – Journeyman Yagya - Snowflake 2 Basic Channel - Remake (Basic Reshape) Basic Channel - Q 1.2 Gel Abril - Your Face Is A Mess (Itamar Sagi Remix) Ici.eme - Gran-Dii-Ree Matthias Tanzmann – Rugby Minilogue – Ghost (Dub) Heiko Laux - Waves Ahead Robert Babicz – Enjoy Prompt – Ambee Matthias Tanzmann - Keep On (Boris Werner Keep On Truckin' Mix) Vitalis Popoff - Lethe 1 Westley Matsell - Diffusion 27 Model 500 - Starlight (Echospace Dub) Prompt feat. Onuba – Zora Dub Kult - Crypt (District One Remix) Julius Papp - Bole Beats Kenneth Graham - Fire, Water, Machine William Kouam Djoko - Hard Loving (Acapella) Johnny D - Déjà Vu Je Dávu - I Zebra Dosem - Beach Kisses (Joris Voorn Edit) Linus Quick - CopyPasteCut (District One Remix) Cobblestone Jazz – W Tigerskin - Peter's Secret Weapon Solomun - Black Rose (Trickski Remix) H.O.S.H. & Stimming – Radar John Thomas, Barbara Goes - Mother's Dance #2 System 7 / Derrick May - Altitude (Mayday Mix) The Martian - Star Dancer Ambivalent - R U OK (Acapella) Polder – Topdrop Dubfire – Ribcage Emmanuel Top - Stress Silicon Soul - 3am (Balance Beatless Version) Jerome Sydenham, Tiger Stripes - Elevation (Radio Slave One More Kiss Remix) Elon - Snorting Pinky (Justin Maxwell Remix B) Sascha Funke - Mango (Berlin Calling Edit) Paul Kalkbrenner - Moob Sascha Funke - The Fortune Cookie Symphony Goldie – Timeless Joakim - Peter Pan Over The Bronx Secede - Born In A Tropical Swamp Quiet Village - Gold Rush Sensorama - Aspirin (Global Communication Remix) Disc 2: Midori Mix ÂmeDoldrums Imps - Bubble And Squeek Nick Solé – Children Les Chocolats - Ride The Beat Kaoru Inoue - The Secret Field (Todd Terje Remix) Nova Nova – Prayer Elitechnique - Electric Evening Elitechnique - Spectral Escape Len Faki - My Blackapella Len Faki - My Synthapella Prawler - Phat Laces (Harada Remix) Paul Nazca – Flash Mood II Swing - Move Me Prawler - Phat Laces (Harada Remix) Henrik Schwarz - Leave My Head Alone Brain (Acapella) Ricardo Villalobos - Easy Lee (Smith n Hack Remix) Minilogue – Ghost (Dub) Sean Deason - Psykofuk Agnès – Daaahhhh Agnès – Treat Me Bad Radio Slave – Tantakatan Blamstrain - A Song For Jonas The Aloof - Going Home Christian Smith & John Selway - Illusion (Version) Yagya - Change Feline 9 – Heavy Gegenheimer - Spiritual Love (Acoustic Raw Demo Version) Kettel – Coddle Carl Craig - Attitude Flying Lotus – Brainfeeder Joris Voorn - Moog Bits Poni Hoax - Faces In The Water Joris Voorn - Additional String Bits Robert Babicz - Dark Flower (Joris Voorn Magnolia Mix) Joakim - Are You A Vegetarian? Tantra - A Place Called Tarot (Idjut Boys Re-Edit) Joakim - Peter Pan Over The Bronx Leftfield - Rhino's Prayer (Album Version) Rhythm & Sound - King In My Empire Marc RomboyElif Minilogue - Old Water Markus Dolic – Blood Martin Landsky - FM Safari (Patrick Chardronnet's Silent Snake Remix) Jimpster - The Last Tape Marcello Giordani - Respect Yourself Carl Craig - At Les Innerzone Orchestra - At Les Radiohead - Nude (Ripperton $9 Mix) Aphex Twin – Heliosphan F.U.S.E. - Into The Space Spinvis - Mare Frigoris Balance will release Balance 014: Joris Voorn on March 9th, 2009.