RA release advice: November 2008

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    Mon, 3 Nov 2008, 13:00
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  • A (semi-)comprehensive list of what's coming out this month.
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  • In the fast-paced climate of electronic music, it's sometimes difficult to find out exactly when your favourite artists have their latest releases out. And there's nothing more annoying than buying your monthly fix of vinyl, only to have something you really wanted hit the stores the day after you've put through your order. That's why we at RA have decided to give you a list of upcoming albums and singles so you can keep on top of everything that's being put out on a month-to-month basis. Of course, while we've tried our best to keep all the information as accurate as possible, delays may mean that the release dates aren't 100% correct so keep that in mind when browsing. It isn't a comprehensive list of everything coming out; more of a selection of key releases for the month. That said, any label/artist who doesn't see their particular release in this list, should feel free to e-mail us at pressreleases AT residentadvisor.net to get their tunes listed for this and upcoming months. (Enterprising music geeks should feel free to do the same!) And anyone looking for release advice should bookmark this space: We'll keep it updated throughout the month. November 1 V/A – Kitsune Maison 6 (Kitsune) November 3 Daniel Bortz - Kantorka EP (And) Bukaddor & Fishbeck - Carat (Traum) Digitalism – Hands on Idealism (Kitsune) dOP - Panik (Milnormodern) Glitterbug - Supershelter (C.Sides) Glitterbug - Supershelter - Excerpts 1 (C.Sides) Le Le – Flage (Magnetron) Mark-Henning - Fabrique Belgique (Soma) Marshall Jefferson Vs Noosa Heads - Mushrooms (Soap) Mathias Kaden - Moron / Shetani (Vakant) John Keys - Pac Man (Treibstoff) Roman IV - Altes Testament (Playhouse) Silverclub - Crash This Car (Leftroom) Ian Simmonds - The Wendelstein Variations [EP] (Musik Krause) Solaris Heights - Communique (Boxer) Satoshi Tomiie - Renaissance: The Masters Series [2CD] (Renaissance) V/A - Balinken EP (3000 Grad Records) V/A - Rabimmel with a Vengeance (Areal) V/A - Spectral Remixed (Spectral) Vince Watson - Duality Pt. 1 (Mule Electronic) November 4 Morel - Death of the Paperboy (Outsider Music) (US Release) V/A - Spectral Remixed (Spectral Sound) November 5 Liapin - Basila (Outils du Connoisseur) November 7 Shahrokh Sound Of K. - Dripping Point (Compost) November 10 Luca Bacchetti – Afrikaans (Ovum) Buraka Som Sistema - Black Diamond [LP] (Fabric) Chicago Dancefloor Voodoo - Transfusion [digital] (Classic) Decimal - Babylon (Soma) Efdemin – America (Curle) Geoffroy & Kolombo pres. Mugwump - Meditation EP (Kompakt) Gorge – Kassiande (Freerange) Guns 'N' Bombs – Riddle of Steel (Kitsune) Matthew Herbert - There's Me and There's You [LP] (!K7) EOC - Information Warfare [LP] (Ai) Johnwaynes - Black Label #38 (Compost) The Last Atlant - I Like Chocolate (Global Underground) Lawrence - Miles (Dial) Modeselektor - Happy Birthday Remixed Pt. 2 (Bpitch Control) Alex Niggemann - Everybody Darling (Solar & Poppcke) (Ostwind) Nukes & theburlybeatfarmer - Wallet FAT (Stigma) Others AKA Bruno Pronsato & Daze Maxim - Saxophone/Trumpet (Musique Risquée) Riz MC - Radar (Crosstown Rebels) Sebastien San - Juno / Jupiter EP (Echocord Colour) The Sight Below – Glider (Ghostly International) Swayzak - Smile and Receive (Swayzak) TG - Mr Dry Remixes (Trapez) V/A - Famous When Dead VI [2CD] (Playhouse) Zombie Nation - Forza (UKW) November 12 VA - Munich Disco Tech Vol. 2 (Great Stuff) November 13 DJ Pierre – I've Lost Control (International DJ Gigolos) November 14 Ogris Debris - Black Label #39 (Compost) Hell & Rother – Bodyfarm (Datapunk) Lullabies In The Dark – Iridium (Permanent Vacation) Ray Okpara - Swimming To The Moon EP (Drumpoet Community) Anthony Rother - We Are Punks 3 (Datapunk) November 17 Ada - Forty Winks (IRR) Attp D'Amore – Serge Santiago Re-Edits (Arcobaleno) Citizen Cain - Joker of the Queen (My Best Friend) Dances With White Girls - New Crack Swing (Throne Of Blood) Efdemin – Carry On, Pretend We're Not in the Room (Curle) Kasper Davai - Davai EP (Múpa) Gowentgone - Under the Bridge EP (Vidab) Imps AKA Minilogue - Remixed Vol.1 (Mule Electronic) Modern Heads - Point Of View Master (Mental Groove Ltd.) Popnoname - Surrounded By Weather (Remixes 1) (Italic) Random Factor - Remixes (2020 Vision) Daniel Stefanik - The Madcap Laughs EP (Freude Am Tanzen) TBA - TBA (Sender) Peter Van Hoesen - Empire in Decline (Time To Express) Siri Svegler - Their Wine / Not Worth It (Compost) X-District - Colour Correction (Remixes) (Playhouse) You Love Her Coz She's Dead – Inner City Angst (Kitsune) November 18 Deastro – Parallelogram [Digital] (Ghostly International) Guy J - Esperanza (Bedrock) (US Release) V/A - Bedrock 10: Past, Present and Future Mixed by John Digweed [3CD] (Bedrock) (US Release) November 19 Oliver Klein - Flow & Zeo (Kling Klong) November 21 The Embassy - Lurking (With A Distance) (Permanent Vacation) Turntablerocker - Black Label #41 (Compost) November 24 Benjamin Brunn - 77 (Bine) Burnski - Packing My Bags EP (Infant) Chaim - Where Is Jack EP (Bpitch Control) Tom Demac - Stand Beside Me (murmur) Dual Shaman - Sideral (Manual) Foals - Olympic Airways (Kompakt Pop) Italoboyz - Portucais (Trapez Ltd.) Jamie Jones - Panic [digital] (Crosstown Digital Rebels) Roland Klinkenberg - Dusty Horizon (Global Underground) Kolombo - TBC (Boxer) Lawrence - Divided (Spectral) Mikkel Metal - Peaks and Troughs EP Part 3/3 (Echocord) Brendon Moeller - Ignition EP (Apnea) Mugwump - Yanja (Disco) Plus1 - Diagramm.Romanze (Koax) Rocco – New Awakening (Freerange) Roman IV - Green Tea (Playhouse) V/A – Carry On Mix CD Sampler 1 (Curle) V/A – Carry On Mix CD Sampler 2 (Curle) V/A - Soma Compilation 2008 (Soma) November 25 Kill Memory Crash – Of Fire EP [Digital] (Ghostly International) Lawrence – Divided (Spectral Sound) November 26 Mark August - The Wasps From Tunisia And The Silver Piggy (Connaisseur Recordings) Ramon Tapia – Mini Jack (Great Stuff) V/A - GPM 100 (Get Physical Music) November 28 Rother vs. Telekraft - Planet Telekraft EP (Telekraft Recordings) Danny Fiddo & AFFKT – Points (Barraca Music)