The Vegetable Orchestra gets remixed

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    Thu, Mar 13, 2008, 16:40
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  • Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos and Anja Schneider put Vienna's Vegetable Orchestra through the blender.
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  • Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos and Anja Schneider put Vienna's The Vegetable Orchestra through the blender on The Vegetable Orchestra - Remixed next month. The Vegetable Orchestra is a group of eleven musicians, one cook and one sound engineer who use instruments constructed from vegetables. Think carrot flutes, cabbage leaf kazoos and pepper trumpets. The group first invited some of dance music's heavyweights to cook up new recipes using sounds from their album Automate in 2005, and now the fruits of their labour will be released on CD. Remixed includes previously issued remixes from Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano and Oliver Hacke as well as new concoctions from Mobilee chef Anja Schneider ('Carrot Cuts Mix') and Karmarouge kitchen hand Sian ('Secret Garden Mix'). Award for the best remix name, however, still belongs to Basteroid for his Human Leak remix. Check out The Vegetable Orchestra stocking up on instruments at the markets and live here: Tracklist 01 Anja Schneider - Carrot Cuts Remix 02 Luciano - Ciboulette Mix 03 Frank Martiniq - Dandelion Goes Deeper Remix 04 Gabriel Ananda - Redish Reduction Mix 05 Ricardo Villalobos - Atavismus Mix 06 Sian - Secret Garden Remix 07 Martini Bros feat. MC Veggie - Pumpkin Jam Mix 08 Oliver Hacke - Spinach Point Error Mix 09 Basteroid - Human Leak Mix 10 Vegetable Orchestra - Greenhouse Original Mix The Vegetable Orchestra 'Remixed' is released on Karmarouge on April 14, 2008.