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    Thu, 13 Dec 2007, 03:00
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  • Swiss minimal house imprint Perspectiv is about to unwrap its first label compilation Family Tree.
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  • Swiss minimal house imprint Perspectiv unwraps its first label compilation, Family Tree, this January. Helmed by Ripperton and Sam K, Perspectiv has been mining the production talent of Switzerland and beyond since late 2006 with a tight-knit family of producers including Chaton, Agnès, Mark August, Laurine Frost, Masaya, and Minz. 'Family Tree' is an eleven-tracker of all new, unreleased cuts from the label's current roster as well as new signings Quenum, Van Hai and Quarion. The compilation arrives as an unmixed DJ-friendly single disc. Eight of the cuts will also be released across two separate 12"s. Tracklist CD 1. Minz - The Man with the Kite 2. Daria - Alpaga 3. Mark August - Bende 4. Agnès - The New Beat Corp. 5. Laurine Frost - Miranda 6. Quenum - Caballeros 7. Masaya - Intentar 8. Quarion - Takin' No Shots 9. Minz - Chinese Drip (Chaton's Can't Get Down Remix) 10. Ndru - Captain Breakfast 11. Van Hai - Faith Vinyl Sampler A A1 Quenum - Caballeros A2 Daria - Alpaga B1 Van Hai - Faith B2 Masaya - Intentar Sampler B A1 Quarion - Takin' no shorts A2 Mark August - Bende B1 Agnès - The new beat corp. B2 Laurine Frost - Miranda 'Family Tree' is released on Perspectiv in January 19, 2008.