GummiHz steps up for Back to Back Vol. 2

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    Wed, 12 Dec 2007, 08:45
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  • Greek-in-London GummiHz whips through twenty-seven cuts on Mobilee's latest label compilation 'Back to Back Vol.2'.
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  • Greek-in-London GummiHz whips through twenty-seven cuts on Mobilee's latest label compilation. 'Back to Back Vol.2' drops in January. 'Back to Back Vol. 2' arrives eighteen months after the first volume, neatly summing up Mobilee's two-year old catalogue across two discs. CD1 is an unmixed disc of recent Mobilee releases. The ten-tracker includes cuts from Pan-Pot featuring Vincenzo, Marco Resmann and London trio Sleeper Thief as well as Mobilee's release arm in Paris: Marc Antona and Jennifer Cardini. Besides the current hits, there's also the label's first ever release, Sebo K's 'Too Hot' (previously only available on vinyl), as well as two new cuts from GummiHz. GummiHz, a.k.a. Alex Tsotsos on his mix on CD2, which flies through no fewer than twenty-seven Mobilees: "The concept behind the mix is to showcase the functionality of Mobilee's sound on the dancefloor. Based on my DJ experience, my approach was to create a context for the material rather than just present it". Over 70-minutes Tsotsos splices, dices and loops the Mobilee catalogue, mirroring the party side of the label regularly heard at venues such as Weekend in Berlin. In addition to the double CD, Mobilee will also issue a limited edition vinyl featuring one of the new GummiHz tracks as well as a chunk of the mix on CD2. Tracklist CD 1 1. Pan-Pot feat. Vincenzo - Faces 2. GummiHz - Song For A Muse 3. Sebo K - Too Hot 4. Anja Schneider - Belize 5. Marc Antona - One More Sugar 6. Jennifer Cardini - August in Paris 7. Sleeper Thief - Cenotes 8. Marco Resmann - Gouache 9. GummiHz - Point of View CD 2 mixed by GummiHz 1. Pan-Pot - What Is What 2. GummiHz - The Calling (Tool) 3. Exercise One - Flight Cancelled 4. Pan-Pot - Black Widow 5. Exercise One - Easy things (Duplex 100 Remix) 6. Sebo K - Horizons 7. Anja Schneider & Sebo K - Side Leaps 8. Sebo K feat. Prosumer - Moved 9. Pan-Pot - Popy and Caste 10. Jennifer Cardini - Lies 11. Anja Schneider - Belize 12. Marc Antona - One More Sugar 13. Pan-Pot - Black Currant 14. Anja Schneider & Sebo K - Side Leaps (Magda Remix) 15. Marcin Czubala - Super Conny 16. Exercise One - Melting 17. Marcin Czubala - Capofamiglia 18. Anja Schneider - Lily Of The Valley 19. Sleeper Thief - Cenotes 20. Marc Antona - Soft Slap 21. Sebo K - Too Hot 22. GummiHz - The Calling 23. Anja Schneider - Loop De Mer 24. Pan-Pot - Crank 25. GummiHz - Gomma Elastica 26. GummiHz - Stargazing 27. Marco Resmann – Tempera 'Back to Back Vol. 2' is released on Mobilee on January 28, 2008.
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