Nick Warren chooses Paris for GU 30

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    Fri, 15 Dec 2006, 16:20
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  • "I've always gone for the cities that aren't really known as clubland capitals," says Warren. "Paris is the same really."
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  • Progressive house ambassador Nick Warren unwraps his seventh Global Underground volume with a mix inspired by an October date at Mix Club in Paris. ‘GU 30: Paris’ will be released in February. Warren's latest effort for the long-running series again finds him taking prog to territories where it's very much on the fringe of the club scene. "Paris is just a stylish city. It's beautiful. I've always gone for the cities that aren't really known as clubland capitals,” says Warren. “Paris is the same really. It gives it a bit more of an edge and it means I really have to work at it." Warren is one of prog's biggest and longest-serving supporters. In the mid-nineties, he was one of the first to produce progressive breaks as a member of Way Out West, while as a DJ he's championed the prog/prog trance sound on no fewer than six previous GU volumes. More recently he's been heading up A&R at Hope Recordings and he’s also been in the studio with comeback king Jimmy Van M. 'GU 30: Paris' is a 2CD affair, with the first volume containing dreamy downtempo fare in the vein of Warren fave Ulrich Schnauss, who again pops up with a remix of Justin Robertson's 'Revtone'. Warren's Amsterdam GU introduced then unknown producer James Holden to the world, and this time its newcomers Audioglider and Tripswitch in the spotlight. Disc two is the clubbier of the two volumes: on paper it looks like classic Warren with tracks from Pole Folder, Habersham and Kazell, 16 Bit Lolitas and Tannen (aka Stel). Nick Warren 'GU030 Paris' Tracklist CD 1 1. Space Gypsies - After 2. Tripswitch - Strange Parallels 3. Audioglider - Zusammenallien 4. Nove - Sedatives 5. Audioglider - Whiskers 6. Joey Fehrenbacj - Being Around You 7. Justin Robertson - Revtone (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) 8. Tripswitch - Roll Your Own 9. Cates and DPL - Living in a 10. Aurturus - Lonely Planet 11. Joey Fehrenbach - Behold CD2 1. August - I Miss 2. Blue Fountain - Sweep 3. Zur-Face - Cosmopolitan Drink 4. Essenvee - Head Down (Jay P Mix) 5. Pole Folder - Buenos Aires Bokoto 10PM 6. 16Bit Lolitas - Neptune 7. 16Bit Lolitas - Non Verbal Language 8. Haberham and Kazell - Paradise Rockers 9. Oliver Moldan & Isma-ae - Fivefivezero 10. Miika Kuisma - One Morning by the Riverside 11. Ohmna - I'm Lost 12. Eelke Kleijn - 8 Bit Era Dub 13. Tannen - Blackout Nick Warren 'GU030 Paris' is released on Global Underground on February 19, 2007.