Spitfire Audio CEO apologises after cofounder's comments on transgender issue

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  • In a now-deleted tweet, Christian Henson pledged support for Graham Linham and J.K. Rowling, who have both been widely accused of being transphobic.
  • Spitfire Audio CEO apologises after cofounder's comments on transgender issue image
  • The CEO of music tech company Spitfire Audio has apologised publicly after its cofounder Christian Henson shared views in opposition to the transgender community. Henson, a BAFTA-nominated composer, tweeted yesterday, September 5th, in support of Glinner (AKA Irish comedy writer Graham Linehan) and J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books. Both have been widely accused of being transphobic. The tweet was specifically about the controversial Tavistock Clinic, a North London centre providing gender-identity health services for children and young people. The centre is now set to close after facing mass legal action from the parents of children given puberty blockers. Henson's tweet also included a link to a YouTube video on Linehan's channel titled "Stewart Lee should hand in his comedy card." The clip shows Linehan attacking the popular British comedian over his new show, Snowflake, which tackles subjects like cancel culture, free speech and identity politics. Following a wave of backlash to Henson's tweet, including people calling for a boycott of Spitfire Audio, the company's CEO, Will Evans, responded with an apology. "Christian's tweet has caused hurt among our community," he wrote. "This hurt is understandably being extended as a reflection on Spitfire Audio, its collaborators and its employees. I'm deeply sorry for that; we've worked hard to be a beacon for the industry and have a responsibility to do better. He added: "Christian's going to take a break as we reflect on how to move forward, and in the meantime, please accept my apologies on behalf of Spitfire Audio." Founded in 2007, Spitfire Audio makes virtual instrument sample libraries for music production. Read Evans's apology in full.