UK industries complain of 'energy emergency' for music venues and nightclubs

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  • Various hospitality and entertainment associations are requesting government assistance in the face of soaring energy prices.
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  • As energy bills in the UK hit record highs, organisations representing the live music and nightlife economy are calling on the government to help alleviate the financial pressure. In an open letter published this week, the Music Venue Trust, Night Time Industries Association, UK Hospitality, British Beer & Pub Association and the British Institute Of Innkeeping outlined how the current crisis could lead to mass bankruptcies, derailing overall economic growth. On top of ongoing supply chain issues, labour shortages, rising interest rates and climbing inflation, "rocketing energy prices have become a matter of existential emergency for businesses in our sector," they said. "Hospitality operators face average annual bill increases in the region of 300 percent plus, putting at risk businesses and jobs," they continued, requesting a state support package. Late last month, the UK government said households would receive £400 off their energy bills starting from October but no measures have been announced for businesses so far. According to a new report by Carbon Brief, a UK-based research firm specialising in climate and energy policy, energy bills are already at their highest levels in at least half a century. Read the open letter below.