Legendary London club The Cross is reopening in September

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  • Spearheaded by its original founder, the new, six-floor venue will return at a different address in King's Cross.
  • Legendary London club The Cross is reopening in September image
  • Legendary London club The Cross is reopening on Friday, September 9th, for the first time since 2007. The new, six-floor venue will occupy a different King's Cross address to the original space, which opened in 1993. It's taking over from a gastropub called The Driver, owned by The Cross's original founder, Billy Reilly, who is spearheading the new project with his wife and managing director, Gemma Reilly. As well as a rooftop bar, a lounge and a restaurant, the new spot will include a club in the basement. "The Cross has grown up," Gemma told Camdenist. "The new venue brings some of the heritage and nostalgia elements, in that it's still right here in King's Cross [and] the club was six arches and now its six floors, but we're also making sure that we're getting the best quality marble fittings and designer upholstery throughout. Nothing too flashy, in keeping with the low-key feel of the original, but I really think London is crying out for something like this: a place where you can go to drink, dine and dance." The Cross will have a "stringent door policy, but no membership or tickets," Gemma added. According to Camdenist, the club's bookings will be promoted in-house only, and the space includes several items salvaged from the original venue, such as the toilet stall doors and sinks, the wooden swing seats and the cigarette vending machine. There are also two new VIP booths. The new venue is a ten-minute walk from the original, which was split across six arches once used to store coal and fish. In its heyday, The Cross was considered one of London's best clubs, beloved for its smarter dress code, velvet interior and parties like Renaissance, Type and Club Azuli. Billy Reilly is the brother of Keith Reilly, who in 1999 opened fabric in Farringdon, not far from King's Cross. Here's a drawing of The Cross in 2022. Find out more via the website.
    Photo: Tom Kihl & The Cross