Far-right group attack bouncer, smash windows at Kyiv club HVLV

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  • Berlin's Ecke Records crew were in the venue when the incident took place yesterday evening.
  • Far-right group attack bouncer, smash windows at Kyiv club HVLV image
  • Kyiv club HVLV was attacked again by the far right yesterday, November 26th. According to Berlin's Ecke Records crew, who were in the venue at the time, a group of 15-20 thugs stormed through the gates at around 6:45 PM local time. They first attacked a bouncer with "bear spray" and a "police baton" before smashing "the outside of the venue while shouting anti-LGBTQI+ and racist slogans." "It happened as we set up for soundcheck," Ecke's Instagram post continued. "Broken glass flying around the room, pepper spray coming in through the smashed windows accompanied by rocks—the incident lasted around two minutes 30 seconds as they must've got word that police were coming." Two CCTV videos on the Ecke Records post clearly show the group in the HVLV courtyard, destroying furniture and smashing windows. The post adds that no one was "seriously injured" apart from the bouncer, who "should recover completely." Resident Advisor also spoke to HVLV cofounder Andy Yankovskyi, who confirmed the incident. Following the attack, ten members of the group were detained by police, Babel reports. The same article says that a card with a QR code and the word "CENTURIA" was found at the venue. The QR code takes you to a far-right Telegram group. This attack follows a spate of threatening incidents in Podil involving the far right. On November 6th, dozens of people marched on HVLV, Closer and ∄ (AKA K41), throwing eggs and flour, and shouting white-power slogans. Once all the glass had been cleaned up, last night's Ecke Records party went ahead as planned. Here's the label's post in full.