Ross From Friends shares free software tool and 50GB of samples

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  • Named Thresho, the audio plug-in contains around 2,000 recordings for fans to download.
  • Ross From Friends shares free software tool and 50GB of samples image
  • Ross From Friends has released a free software tool that he created while making his recent album, Tread. Thresho, which is a Max For Live audio plug-in, automatically records everything past a certain, customizable threshold and then stops once the audio drops down again. During the recording of Tread, files would be timestamped and saved into a folder for Ross From Friends to access later. "Thresho turned my creative process on its head," he said. "It allowed me the freedom to experiment without having to think about what the sound I'm developing might become. I'd just be endlessly adding recordings to this ever-expanding sound bank, which I was able to dip into at my leisure. Those recordings formed the backbone of Tread." Any recordings used on the finished record have been omitted from the Thresho archive. Ross From Friends hopes that his fans will interact with the roughly 2,000 recordings (50GB) that remain. "I'm not just talking about remixing them," he said. "I'd love for people across a multitude of creative disciplines to try to work out an interesting use for them." Explore Thresho.
    Photo: Fabrice Bourgelle