Domino removes three Four Tet albums from streaming services

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  • The two parties are currently involved in a legal dispute over royalties.
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  • Domino has removed three Four Tet albums—Pause, Rounds and Everything Ecstatic—from streaming services. Four Tet tweeted yesterday, November 22nd, that he was "so upset" at the move, which arrives amid an ongoing legal dispute between the artist and label.
    As part of the eight-tweet thread, Four Tet also wrote that he had been contacted by Domino's legal team last week to say they were removing the albums from streaming services "in order to stop the case progressing. I did not agree to them taking this action and I'm truly shocked that it has come to this," he tweeted. The legal dispute, which is due to go to trial in London on January 18th, concerns streaming royalties. Four Tet wants a higher rate of 50 percent, plus damages of up to £70,000, while Domino argues that the current rate of 18 percent is entirely lawful as streaming didn't exist when the contract was signed in 2001.
    At a pre-trial application hearing, which Resident Advisor attended on November 11th, lawyers for both parties made their case before a judge on the nature and volume of evidence to be disclosed at trial. Key issues included search terms and dates, which documents and email accounts to search, and whether to search similar contracts of other artists on Domino. Read Four Tet's thread in full. RA has approached Domino for comment.