Mix Of The Day: Objekt

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    Thu, 18 Nov 2021, 07:00
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  • Nine hours (ish), recorded at Nowadays in New York.
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  • Objekt played a much buzzed-about all-night set at Nowadays last month, and now a nearly nine-hour recording of the whole night is yours to listen back to in all its mad glory. "I'd slept for two hours, was jet-lagged to the point of delirium and woefully underprepared for a nine-hour set," he says. "By the last hour-and-a-half I had a crippling stomach cramp and was falling asleep on my feet. But by some cosmic rave miracle I had somehow slipped into a groove from the beginning and found myself tracing an arc that felt like it was drawing itself, as if all I had to do was relax and watch my own hands play the music. There were moments of intensity and euphoria and nostalgia and energetic catharsis, but throughout the entire set I felt fully empowered to meander in deep, subtle and confounding directions, somehow confident that wherever I went, the dance floor would follow."