A new record shop is opening in Kyiv

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  • Launching this weekend, the Podil store will specialise in hard electronic music.
  • A new record shop is opening in Kyiv image
  • A new record shop called The K Hole is opening in Kyiv this weekend. Specialising in hard electronic music, the store sits in a shared creative arts hub in the heart of Kyiv's clubbing district, Podil. Two of the founders, Beth Alana and Adrian, recently moved from Berlin, while the third, Illia Novikov, is a Ukrainian DJ with experience running parties and clubs. "A record store is important," Novikov told Resident Advisor. "It's a unique source of rare and interesting vinyl releases that were previously unavailable for local listeners, having the potential to significantly influence key parts of Kyiv's club scene." Alana told RA that the idea for the shop struck her soon after moving to Kyiv, when she realised there was nowhere to buy the kind of records she loves. "There is nowhere to really dig for hard music!," she said. "As I asked more DJs, this seemed to be an apparent problem for the vinyl DJs in Ukraine." She added: "Physically, the store is beautiful, but very psychedelic in its own way. None of the walls are really straight, the bricks aren't arranged in lines, and the black mosaic floors will really make you trip!" The K Hole launches with a party tonight, November 12th, before opening for business tomorrow. Here are some photos.
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