Berlin's Suicide Club spearheads GHB awareness campaign

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  • A young woman died earlier this year shortly after attending the Friedrichshain venue.
  • Berlin's Suicide Club spearheads GHB awareness campaign image
  • Berlin's Suicide Club is spearheading a campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of GHB. Club Culture Against GHB launches after a 25-year-old woman died in August shortly after attending Suicide Club. The Friedrichshain venue is leading the campaign, alongside The Clubmap, Zug Der Liebe and Heiko Jansen. When GHB (AKA G) is used recreationally, dosage is hard to control and even a tiny increase can be fatal. Club Culture Against GHB will run posters to raise awareness offline, as well as a social media campaign to reach partygoers beyond Berlin. "We, the Berlin clubs, venues, collectives and organisers, are strongly against the consumption of G in our venues and at our events," reads a statement from Berlin's Clubcommission. "Enjoy the music, the people and the atmosphere, but please leave G out of it. Be aware of the risks, take responsibility for each other, and feel empowered to say no to G. Do not offer G to others. Problematise G use if it occurs in your circle of friends and immediate environment. Get help if you feel you are using too much or developing an addiction." A Club Culture Against GHB talk will be streamed live on Evosonic Radio at 12 PM CET on Saturday, November 13th. Find a full list of the campaign supporters—which includes Berghain, YAAM, Golden Gate and Festsaal Kreuzberg—via the website. If you're concerned about GHB consumption or want to learn more, head to the website's safer use page.