Black Artist Database launches Black Creative Database

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  • Black creatives are encouraged to submit their details, create a profile and share their portfolio.
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  • Black Artist Database (AKA B.A.D) has launched a new platform, the Black Creative Database. B.A.D (FKA Black Bandcamp) began in June 2020 as a community project to support the work of Black artists. Later in the year, the team started work on the Black Creative Database, which has since grown into a directory of portfolios belonging to creatives across five continents, working in digital, design, media, curation and visual roles. Today, the directory launches as a searchable online database. "The purpose of Black Creative Database is to surface the richness of creative talent from the global Black diaspora in pursuit of wage equity, transparency and stable employment for our extended creative communities," reads the press release. Throughout summer 2020, following George Floyd's murder and the subsequent protests, Black creatives were in high demand with requests to speak, curate and create content about the Black experience. Despite this, B.A.D says, there were few opportunities to speak about how Black creatives are marginalised within their work sector, or about the structural issues of racism that exist within the wider creative industries. The Black Creative Database began in response to this deluge of media requests, and was inspired by the earlier collective action of Black Bandcamp. B.A.D encourages Black creatives to submit their details, create an online profile and then share their portfolio and social media channels. Access the submission form here. Watch a short clip. In August, B.A.D also launched a year-long series of free production masterclasses in partnership with Ableton.